Would you do it?

My friend recently passed away and his mom wants to fuck me, would you do it?

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  • Was she alone at home then?
    Who is she with now?
    Won't she like variety while granting you the same?

  • Indeed I would.Why wouldn't you?

  • Yes do it. How old is she? I can tell you the consequences are nothing to worry about as long as it was fully consensual. Years ago in my thirties I myself lost a friend who was in the army. I felt so sorry for his wife and kids and helped them in every way I could. It may have taken a matter of several months but one evening when I was hanging out with her that woman threw herself at me. At first I thought no I shouldn't be doing this but then I saw a woman who had natural urges just like any and she'd gone through so much,so why deny her.
    I stood there and closed my eyes as she pulled my Jean's down and sucked me off. I could tell she needed it the way she went at me. I soon had her naked from the waist down bent over her kitchen table. Seems at the time being single I also needed it. That night she got what she needed several times over and so did i,so we continued for quite sometime over.

  • What's the situation today? Are you still with her or she has moved to other man?
    Why not post her pic- fully dressed?

  • I didn't know you could post pics here? We both moved onto other full time relationships, I mean it was only a secret fling type thing,I saw it as helping her through a tough time but let me tell you it was a hell of alot of fun at the time and I never thought she was that kinda woman before but she was a total different kinda woman in bed,such a fantastic lay.

  • If you ask the site owner at Contact Us feature, he/she might grant you permission.
    Yours was a very symbiotic relationship.
    You were indeed lucky she wasn't a clinger and didn't exploit/ extort.

  • Oh ok will look into that.
    Yeah you could say that and it happened naturally we didn't discuss anything we were just total "no strings". She had more important things to take care of like grieving kids to worry about anything serious and the sexual release helped. I wasn't really wanting to get with someone with kids and thought I couldn't publicly get with a dead friends wife. No she definitely wasn't a clinger but when began screwing she seemed to have nympho vibe about her,like all it would take is a phone call or some texting and she would be like " I'm home alone,wanna come round?" And 9 times out of 10 I would be banging her once I got there,the shortest time it took for us to start getting it on after I walked through the door was about 5 minutes. So when I think about with a husband who was in the army she must've been deprived sexually.

  • Yes! 100%

  • If I were in your situation! I would use the My condolences/I'm there for you empathy 1. Comfort her every chance you could during and after services
    2. console her and don't let her out of your sight (hugging, holding her hand, catering to her)
    3. alcohol! it's your answer to any and all situations!!
    4. Stay by her at all times (like gum on her heels)
    5. Turn them hugs and comforting into
    ( You know what where I'm getting to)

  • Yes!!!

  • Complete bullshit

  • Sorrow sex is as good as any other

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