How do I do this

Ok, my sister-in-law has been divorced for over 4 or so years now and from what I've seen, has never got back with any guys yet. She has been messaging me a few times every now and then and talk about nothing really.

I get a feeling that she's not had a cock all this time and have been trying to talk to me about it.

So how do I talk to her about it and say yes I'd like to pleasure her? How do I start the conversation and lead into discussing her needs and desires?

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  • Most women screw guys they know and trust. After college I got a part time job in the market where I grew up. Had sex 3 girls I went to first grade with, 2 from high school. A nice older customer lured me to her house with HBO. Movie was over I figured she wanted sex and used HBO to lure me. I was wrong, she seemed insulted that she'd sleep with a much young guy, but gave me a blowjobs when the movies were over after that.

  • Such BS. You’re a fraud.

  • Go fuck yourself first then slice your throat. You can also hang yourself or blow your brains out. Choose one and do your Family and society a favor. Your family won't have to go to court and be embarrassed by having a sexual predator in the family! Society won't have to pay for 3 hots and a cot for you in prison.

  • Just look at most women these days that are really into other women instead. Go figure that one out.

  • Because a lot of men are self centered assholes that don't know how to treat a lady. Look at all the stories here of men degrading their wives, girlfriends or women by wanting to see them get fucked or sending their photos of them out to other sick fucks! There are even sick fucks writing sick incest stories of the moms and stories calling their moms sluts and whores! Come on not your mom dude!

  • You’re jealous because you’re not getting enough cock in your ass.

  • Sorry but that is an exit only! Thats only for faggots like you sick fuck. I truly miss the days of fag drags.

  • Be very decent and gentle about it, carefully keeping your desire under wraps.A compassionate attitude can help you get her in bed quicker.Just invite her over and note her response.Tell her that she will be more comfortable to talk in person.Ask her what would she live to have for meals.
    Be attentive and sympathetic.Don't show your eagerness to get inside her panties.
    With a pleasant general talk with a few jokes will put her at ease.
    Let her broach the topic of sex,if at all, with you.I am not sure if she has really stayed without sex for 4 years.Hence, I have cautioned you.
    She probably wants something else.
    It's better to invite her over than going over to her place but it's upto the both of you.
    If she is more comfortable at her shack, you will have to think well.

  • Start with telling her PG 13 jokes. She if she returns her own. Up the ante.

  • Send her a picture of your dick

  • In other words your face!

  • Then say oops! but feedbacks welcomed :)

  • She will tell you you'r ugly.

  • This is interesting . Just know its possible..i know that's not saying much... But trust me speaking from experience fucking your sister inlaw is possible .. In my case it wasn't t he sister i really wanted... But another one was willing... Long story but... Don't sell yourself short anything is possible.

  • So she is not your SIL anymore right?

  • Tell her “Don’t fucking tell anyone” and “Let’s fuck”. Doesn’t have to be complicated, she already wants it.

  • I told a neighbor that and three days later he gave me on hell of a f u ck I n g which is still ongoing thirty seven days later.

  • Yeah, right spinster.

  • What about his wife? You think that is fair to her! Thats her sister! Any relationship with her sister will be gone if they get caught.

  • I like this, nice and easy

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