Mons Pubis

Over the last several months my wife has worked very hard to lose about 50 pounds. Even at her heaviest she weighed just over 200. She’s 5’11” with an athletic build so I thought she carried her weight well and was still fucking sexy. One area where she has not lost all of the fat is her pussy mound. She’s a little self conscious about it, but knows I absolutely LOVE it! I love cupping her mound in the palm of my hand. I love rubbing my face in her soft thick bush. I love licking her fat puss. I can’t wait until summer to see her on the beach or around the pool with her fat pussy and bush underneath her bikini bottoms. I want to see men, and women, looking at her mound...wouldn’t you?

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  • I love a women with a fat hairy pussy. I think that is so sexy. If I see a fat pussy on the beach I'll stare right at. Also when I spot a fat pussy I've got to jerk off fantasising about her naked

  • Nothing wrong with a fat mons, and even some big fat pussy lips, but I really do not care much for a hairy bush. I "came of age" in the late 70's, early 80's, when shaved pussy was still unheard of, but after my first shaved pussy, I can't imagine eating a hairy pussy ever again. Just my preference, though, if you like the bush, tear that shit up, bro.

  • I much prefer bald too. How hairy was it back then? Like thick pubic hair across thighs and back towards the ass crack too?

  • Most women I dated back in the day shaved their thighs, and usually trimmed their pubes somewhat so they weren't sticking out all over the place, but never seen one that actually shaved pubes like most women do nowadays. Eating hairy pussy was not much fun, used to gag and nearly puke when hairs get stuck in throat. Shaved pussy smells better too, in my opinion.

  • I came of age in the early mid 90’s so shaved pussy is what I saw. So to me a hairy pussy is more erotic in a way.

  • My wife and are both in our early 60’s and have been shaving for about 7 years, love to do it and love to eat, I love fucking her from behind and watch my bald dick sled in and out

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