Dirty dream about my guy friend

Well, I've been talking to one of my oldest uni friends. It could be loneliness or pandemic, I've no idea why I suddenly talk to him. Along the way of catching up, he admitted that he does has long crush and started saying all naughty stuff, which I turned me on. Later at night, I dream dirty stuff with him. Passionate kissing and touching all over places. I told me that he is not longer fit like he used to be while in uni time, in my dream I rubbing my wet pussy on his fat belly while moaning his name out loud. I really love guy who's got fat belly, since I love rubbing my pussy against it. Then I woke up with wet pussy. Damn I wish I can tell him about my dream but I never have a chance.

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  • I bet you masturbated thinking of your friend when you woke up? I sure would have.

  • You really should contact him, I’m sure he would love it

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