If mommy and daddy knew

I can put an aubergine inside my pussy and I touch myself under the table when I’m having tea with my parents.

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  • When my aunt comes to dinner I always drop something on the floor so I can look up her skirt she is very fit, she docent were knickers she know ime looking up her skirt because she opens her legs wide for me

  • Your father notices and rubs his willie under the table. He also gets a view when he drops his spoon.

  • When the table was set for dinner, the tablecloth hid me wanking my brother and him touching my cunt

  • You should finger yourself, then stick your finger under daddys nose so he can smell your sweet young pussy. I bet he won't complain.

  • That's a vegetarian fetish!! I guess your pussy is to big for a carrot now.

  • My mom knows, but my dad doesn't know I'm fucking her. Whenever my dad is out of town, I become the man of the house with all its privileges, including fucking my mom's pussy.

  • Nothing feels better than being inside my mom.

  • When ime sat at the opposite side of the dinner table I have my cock out

  • Please invite me to have dinner at your house. I will sit under the table.

  • I use to do naughty things when I use to phone my gran who was a religious freak, my girl friend use to suck my dick at the same time, if only she knew

  • I masturbate when talking to my mum on the phone! Hard to talk when you are cumming

  • I did the same thing, but my mom figured out what I was doing. We ended up having phone sex. It was incredible! That's all we do, but we do it often. It's easy to imagine her body because I've seen it so many times.

  • Perhaps, I should make it more obvious what I'm doing? I'd want more than phone sex though.

  • I have not seen your mum's body but I have seen your daughter's when I screw her after you had .

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