I'm obsessed with my mom's body

I think my mom is the sexiest woman in the world and have been masturbating to her since as long as I can remember. Her butt is my favorite thing in the world.

Once she passed out naked and drunk in a sauna with me and I had to carry her out. That was the best day of my life lol. "Accidentally" touching her pretty much everywhere when trying to lift and grab her sweaty body. It was like heaven.

For years now I have also been posting photos of her online. I have a couple of her in her underwear and stuff. I'm so thankful.

I used to feel ashamed and think I was weird but now I've embraced all of this. My mom is a really sexy slut, that's just how it is.


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  • Damn it, not even my mom got this upset when she found out I want her. Try to understand, she's just a sexy slut that happens to be my mother.

  • Really didn't expect this many troll commenting here when I found this site yesterday. What's the point on a site like this if you're going to get hate for your confession?

    Yeah I realize it's not normal. I got over that like 20 years ago and have embraced my attraction for my mom. You'd understand if you met her.

  • You are so right!!! Trolls make up most of the comments here, which is a shame. Negative comments all come from the same 3 or 4 trolls who have no life, and nothing better to do.

  • You are not alone! Why don't you try seducing your mother?? Is she open minded?

  • Very open minded and I have tried without sucess. Never giving up though. Been wanting to fuck the shit out of her since as long as I can remember. Rarely see her these days but hopefully we'll live together soon again

  • I love a mother with an open mind!

  • Thats cool. I wish my step son did this to his mom

  • How can I check your mother out? I'd like to see what turns you on about her.

  • Don't know if I'm allowed to link here :/ But if you search "mfuckerqwerty" and perhaps "sexy mom" you'll find ;)

  • The Mighty anti incest warrior has certainly gave you a piece of his mind so piss off now

  • My mother is fat and had drunk until she passes out all my life. I'm 32 now. Beginning at 14, mom was 36 I started having sex with her as I thought she was out cold. When I was 16, she told me I was going to be a father and she was pregnant.

    It seemed she realized what was doing after the first week when she found cum dripping from her pussy. Then she started faking being out cold so we would have sex. She said she came from our sex and was turn on that I wanted her sexually.

    After that we slept together every night. I knocked her up again at 40. We have two daughters.

    The lockdowns have been great for us as we have sex constantly. I love going 69 with her, I love her fat body and the taste of her pussy.

    Mom said my cock fits her perfectly I'm just under 7 1/2 inches and my father's cock was just to small to please her.

    Mom is the only woman I've been with. Why would I need anyone else. Her mouth and pussy are always ready to take my cum.

  • Congratulations! Live a happy life!! Don't listen to the trolls!!

  • Why would I lol. I'm so thankful for my mom. Not my fault she's such a sexy slut.

    Only sad for them that they waste time on calling my experiences fake. Like I even wrote something unbelievable. Before now only like two people ever had questioned me. Been posting her pics online for more than 10 years and shared details about her.

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