Guy watched me pee then asked me out

I'm a student, and me and a couple of friends were walking home drunk one night, and i really needed to pee. I knew i couldn't make it home so found somewhere secluded to pee. After checking i was alone, i dropped my panties and squated. What relief. I was conscious of the noise my pee was making as it hit the ground, and the little golden stream i was creating. Then suddenly a guy appeared, he had been peeing also and i hadn't noticed. He stood right in front of me and started chatting, whilst watching me. There was nothing i could do until it stopped flowing, so i pretended not to care. We chatted while i peed, and then when i was done he offered me a tissue, which i was glad of. He could totally see my pussy for this, but what could i do.
I wasn't sure if he was a gent or a perv. Then he gave me his number and walked on. When i got home drunk i stupidly texted him " thanks for the tissue". The next day i got a text from him with his name and asking me out. We went out and on the 'date' i asked him if he liked watching girls pee, he sheepishly said yes, it was a fetish of his. Other than his fetish, he is really lovely and i have agreed to see him again, but this fetish makes me nervous.

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  • Be prepared to drink water. Lots and lots of water ...

  • Thanks for the advice, yes i ended up letting him watch me pee again, this time in a toilet. I am not in to this at all, but so long as no on finds out, i don't mind it, pretty had less.
    Basically we went in to a disabled toilet and i peed as normal, just with him watching and me giggling.
    Seeing him again, not sure what will happen or what I'm happy to do. Pee thing aside he is a lovely guy, really in to him

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