I broke into a house for one reason

There was a old lady that lived next door to me and she gave my wife a key to the house for emergencies. The lady passed away and the house was put up for sale. A few months later a young couple bought the house. the young lady was smoking hot! I would see her wearing short skirts and showing off her legs. One day i watched her get into her car on her way to work. she had on a red skirt, black stockings and heels. That evening i saw her and her husband leave. She was wearing a different outfit. I had remembered the key to there house and wondered if i could get in. I tries the key and the door opened. they never changed the locks! I made my way to the bedroom and there was a laundry basket right by the door and on the top was a pair of black panty pantyhose and wrapped up in them a white thong. I sniffed the thong and got rock hard and layed in her bed and masturbated into them. when i came it was like a river of sperm. i shot it all over the crotch of her panties. I have done this about 5 times so far. I have a day off work and will probably do it again today as soon as they leave for work

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  • I went into my neighbours house and stole a pair of their teen daughters little pink panties. I cum in them so many times, imagining she was wearing them and I was cumming on her bald little pussy

  • Tell the guys in the Laundry Room why you're there.

  • You need to fuck that chick!

  • I use to do that when I was a kid. We lived in a duplex when the neighbor moved in fucking supper hot I was like 12. I would break in when she would leave smell all her dirty underwear. Beat off on them and some her clean ones and put back in her dresser. She would always smile I would get a hard on. I think she caught in cause she changed her lock and started giving me dirty looks

  • She would have call the cops fake crap

  • Can't wait till you get caught! Hope the owner shoots you. I don't care if you sniff or eat panties stupid. But breaking into someone's home thats a death sentence waiting to happen.

  • Yeah but to some, the smell of pussy is worth death haha

  • Thats the problem they aren't getting laid. Since they can't get the real thing all they can do is sniff panties. When you had pussy so many times the sniff is for health check.
    If it smells like cologne leave it alone!
    If it smells like fish it is the dish.

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