What I Want

Am I crazy because I want my own father to fuck me with that massive, gorgeous cock of his. I wonder if he likes to shove it into tight cunts of girls around my age?

I'm sitting here nude at my computer typing this. I have slender, tanned thighs, and they're spread open so I can touch my shaved teenage vagina. It's so wet that it's dripping my juices down my inner thighs and over my tight ass cheeks. Now my keyboard's getting wet, because I can't help but reach down with my fingertips circling my throbbing clitoris, and spread my juices over my puffy, pink lips.

All I can think about is my Daddy's gorgeous cock while I'm typing. It's well, the word for it is amazing. Over seven inches long, I'd bet, and fucking thick as my fist at the base. He has a beautiful, mushroom cockhead, kind of like a helmet with a little eye on top that leaks precum when his cock is stroked. The fat shaft of his cock bulges with purple veins that really turn me on. Below his awesome shaft, my Daddy's balls are huge and swollen, and he shaves them like I do my pussy. That makes his balls easy to see to lick.

I want that big dick in my wet twat so fucking badly. I want to be screaming at him, "Fuck me, Daddy!" while he moans back at me, "Oh baby, I love fucking you girl!" The image of his awesome dick drilling my pussy is so intense and real, it's just fantasy, but it's almost like I know how it would feel.

I'm not a virgin; although I'm only 18 years old, I've had a few cocks inside of me. I get lots of attention, I guess most tanned, skinny girls with long blonde hair do. I will admit, I have a pretty face, but I wear big glasses that sometimes throw guys off, they think I'm too smart, or something, I guess. But when I'm tanning at the beach or pool in my bikini, showing off the firm 36C girls on my chest and my flat, tight tummy, plenty of guys want to get naked with me. A few of them have and more. I love a sweaty, sexy man who's masculine, muscular, ripped. Someone who'll take control of me and use my body what it's built for, turning on a man, getting him hard, to let him fuck me deeply and completely! Of course, it's not like he's the one using me; I suppose, I'm using him to get what I want. I want a big, fat, hard cock in my pussy.

But what I really want is my Daddy's glorious cock inside his daughter's tight, hot pussy!

I'm picturing my father's cock in my hand, being pumped slowly so he leaks precum all over it. Or, my wet mouth around his cockhead and the top of his shaft, tasting that precum as well as feeling his dick throbbing in my mouth. Then, licking up and down his shaft, making it slippery for fucking. Finally, I'd crawl on my Daddy's lap, putting my pussy lips on his amazing cock head, then sink my body downward and take his engorged manhood inside my body, as deep as I can fit him. I'd put my naked tits into his face, so he has to lick and suck them while he pounds my little cunt with that incredible cock of his!

The idea and mental images of my Daddy fucking an 18 year old girl aren't entirely just fantasy. I know he always flirted with a friend of mine. She's a tall, slim brunette with Irish features and perky tits. Seldom did she wear a bra, so her nipples stick out usually. Sometimes he talked about her too much, you know, for a married man and father. She was two years older than me at the time, so... But it was cute how he had been a little infatuated with her a couple years ago.

I already knew what my father's dick looked like. I've been spying on him at home. Early in the morning, after my mom has already left for work, my father will lock himself in his bedroom to get ready for work. I've snuck into his room, hiding in the walk-in closet, and watched him get ready. Usually, his routine includes jerking off his awesome erection. He'll lie on his back on the bed, his reflection showing in the mirror on the back of his closet door; or sometimes, he sits on the comfortable reclining chair in my parents bedroom, jerking off while he looks at porn on his laptop on the desk next to him. I've done this maybe five or six times, and caught him jerking off all but one of them.

There is nothing like watching my father jerk his dick. It looks so fucking big and fat in his strong hand. Plus, seeing him naked really turns me on too. He has a hairy chest and sturdy, strong shoulders, with muscular upper arms. His stomach isn't flabby, he keeps himself in shape, and his thighs are big and powerful. When he leans back and spreads those legs, his fist wrapped around his gorgeous cock, he looks so beautiful that I could just eat him up. My eyes fixate on the sight of his hand on his cock, stroking it slowly, while his eyes glaze over and he imagines some hot bitch sucking or fucking him.

Really, when I watch him masturbate, I wonder if he is thinking of me? Is he thinking of his hot blonde daughter, with my tight shaved pussy, spread open for him? Is he wondering what I think about, how awesome his big, married prick would feel, as he slides it into my teenage pussy? How we'd both cum so hard, feeling that erection stretching me open, my cunt tightly gripping his pulsating shaft as he rams it inside me over and over. I'd be grabbing his arms and shoulders, screaming loudly! I'm a screamer when I fuck, and I'd be begging him to fuck his little girl harder! No one would be a better piece of pussy for him. I love him so much and I want to take care of all his needs. I'm sexy and pretty, and I can get him so hard! I'll be the best fuck he's ever had!

It's therapeutic to admit all this, even if it's anonymously on an Internet website. I hope lots of people read this, and know that I not only want to fuck my sexy father, I want him to fuck my brains out on a daily, or even hourly, basis, if at all possible!

My slim teen fingers are still working between my thighs. My pussy aches when it wants cock, but you don't know how deeply the aching goes. I want to be stretched thoroughly, and I want to feel pressure way inside myself, where a large penis would be ramming my cervix, completely filling me. I've had a couple of dicks around my father's size, and I love how they make me feel, so filled and wanted. The orgasms are way better with big cocks fucking me. Sorry, to all you guys with average pricks, it's just the truth. Daddy definitely has a big one, and I want to feel it screwing me so deep.

So you know, it's not like I don't do anything about it. I give him hints by saying flirty things to him directly, but you know; I can't bring myself to say, hey Daddy, I want you to fuck me. But I'm definitely putting myself out there for him. I've been wearing some really sexy outfits around him, when Mom's not around or after she goes to bed. I have this black-lace bra and thong set from Victoria's Secret, which I've worn in front of him. My ass looks almost nude in it, and you can see my areolas and nipples through the sheer top. He stared at me in it, for a few seconds, and didn't say a word. He did turn away, though, I think the image of me dressed so sexy had him nervous. That was a couple weeks ago, I was so horny when I put on the outfit, and really scared when I made an excuse to walk in front of him wearing it. But I felt brave and alive afterwards, proud of myself for doing it and hopeful he'd think about how sexy his daughter looks when dressed like that. Much more recently, this past weekend, I was rubbing suntan lotion on my legs and chest right in front of him, wearing one of my bikinis. I saw him staring at my body, it really turned me on. I hope I was turning him on. I know my body is better than my Mom's, so I'd hope he'd want to fuck me even more than her.

I'm not jealous of him fucking Mom, I can't blame him, she's definitely still hot. I just want him to realize his daughter would give him a better fuck, and I look hotter than mom. My boobs are bigger than hers and my body is tighter and more petite. Plus, I'm more tanned, and I'm blonde so....

Daddy, please, come fuck your little angel! Your princess wants your sex so fucking badly!!!


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  • Then make yourself available to him naked and wet and ready. Show him the pink wet lips. Bend over pull your ass open tell him it's open ready and willing. He'll do the rest

  • If you want your dad then just go for it! You are both adults!

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