Mom was my lover

I am over 65 now and mom is in a nursing home. There was a bit of turmoil in our family moving around some. We were living in a small town when I was in the 3rd thru 6th grade. I had trouble going to sleep at night and mother would get in bed with me and sometimes sleep with me until she got up to fix dad his breakfast. When I was in the 4th grade I woke up one night and mother was naked. She had taken off her night gown and panties. She was laying next to me fingering her pussy. She smiled and asked me if I liked her naked body. Of course I said yes. Mom was a little chubby, not fat, but filled out. 36 D tits and a nice butt. When I told that I liked her naked body she kissed me and slipped her hand in my underwear and started playing with my dick. From that night on she always either jacked me off or sucked me off until I reached 13. The night of my 13th birthday mother was waiting in my bed for me completely naked with her legs spread. She said it was time I started tending to her needs. That was the start of a life long love affair. She divorced dad when I was 15 and mother and I moved to another state. We have 3 children.

5 months ago


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    • ❤️ incest ❤️

    • I had sex with my mother but she was so drunk she never said anything about it to me

    • Incest = ❤️

    • ❤️ incest

    • Nice, hope you enjoy your life together!

    • * enjoyed. Just looked at your ages lol

    • The Mighty anti incest warrior will certainly have something to say about this post

    • Incest is beautiful

    • I agree!!!

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