Tired of boring husband

My boring husband does please me anymore. He has a very big useless dick. If he was cheating on me I’d understand but he’s not. Our kids are grown and out of the house and we could be fucking like rabbits but nope. I work out everyday to improve my middle age mom body and I think I look pretty good. I’m nude at least 80 percent of the day and nothing. I shouldn’t have to do it myself and I do a lot, even in front of him. I promise if things don’t change soon and the pandemic gets better, I will find me a functioning dick.

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  • I would inform of that, who knows his sick might get hard wanting to share you

  • I mean his dick

  • I was in a similar situation. Wife had her favorite sweatpants and t shirts. Lounged around so much that I swear there was dent in the couch. Finally an old friend called me up. For several months we talked like friends and even asked her if she had any hot friends she could hook me up with because I was through with my boring lazy wife. Six months later I’ve fallen completely in love with my friend and she with me.

  • Tell him that

  • I gently and cautiously suggested to my wife that she maybe should take a little more pride in her appearance because she should be a role model for our daughter. Well that didn’t work. She yelled, called all her friends told them I called her fat (which she is kind of getting) and the kicker that made me leave was when she told our daughter she’d better never marry a man like me. I told my daughter that if you can’t be honest with the person you vowed to love until death don’t marry that person.

    I have 50/50 custody and she likes to go shopping with me because in her words “you have much better fashion sense than mom”. Love that kid.

  • I'd stud the fuck outta you bet your tight as shit I prey for wive s like you

  • You sound very sexy. I'm a young stud who could fuck you for hours!!

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