First sexual experience

When I was 8 we lived in Morocco. There were reasons at the time that I did not attend school. The climate was hot,father's was a large secluded garden garden fruit trees and a pool. I wore just a pair of shorts and was quite often naked. There was a staff, maid, cook and gardiner. Sometime in the afternoon I would chat with the Gardiner in the tool shed. What happened I know now was only to be expected, in arabculture is just as desirable as a girl. one afternoon the Gardiner started stroking my leg, it was a pleasant feeling . His hand just slowly moved further up when it started up the leg of my shorts I started to feel a bit uncomfortable but also a bit excited and then because if course I woreni pants husband Tel my little dick, he made it stiff fiddling with it, it was exciting and felt good but it worried me too. I ran ff and jumped in the pool. A few days later I was back in the toolshed,I was curious. Againhisvhandvslud up under my shorts as he played with little Willie, it gave me funny excited feelings, l liked it. After a few days like that he took my shirts down so he could really see me, he made my little cock so hard it was almost sore. I knew there must b more to this but had no idea what. Then one afternoon I was standing in front of him naked my little dick stiff as a rod, he took it between finger we thumb and rubbed it up and down. He said tu aim CA, oui I said, he said tu veu encore, I said oui si IL vous plait, french for please, literal translation,if it pleases you lol, it was certainly pleasing both of us, I was wriggling get very strange feelings between my legs, then I screamed and a jet of lies shot out of me, istarted to fall down but he held me up, I was sweating, panting and shivering.He said you better run and jump in the pool, I did. I had no idea then what he had done to me but obviously hen I earned about orgasm I knew what it was

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