First time my wife cheated on me (I think)

I know about how it all happened because the guy she fucked told a friend about doing her, and the friend later gave me all the details. One Saturday Janet said she had to go down to a convenience store to pick up some wine. The store was just around from the apartment complex we lived in at the time. I noticed she had a skirt on when she left. I was sleepy, laying around on the couch, and dozed off after she left. I heard her when she came back in. I had lost track of the time she had been gone. Waking up, I noticed she was smiling, and she said "Terry was down at the store. He pulled up right after me and walked over to my car and looked in and said 'What you doin' with that little skirt on, Honey?'" Janet said she told him, "Oh, just thought you'd like it". Then she told me they talked for a few minutes, and she got her wine and came on home. This didn't surprise me, Terry was always flirting with her, even when I was around. What I found out later was that they didn't just talk for awhile and she came home. She really went to his apartment with him. As soon as they got inside, they started kissing and fooling around. He put his hand up her skirt and discovered that she didn't have any panties on. He finger-fucked her for awhile, and they kissed some more. She got down on her knees and took his cock out of his bathing suit (he had been at the pool). She sucked on him for awhile, and he took her over to his couch. He spread my wife's legs apart and stuck his big cock in Janet's pussy. The friend told me that Terry said she had an orgasm after about three strokes. I don't doubt this, Janet has always been a horny gal, and is multi-orgasmic. Terry fucked my wife for about 15 or 20 minutes. He didn't even undress her, just pulled her skirt up around her waist, pulled her tits out from her halter top. She even left her shoes on. She was moaning, groaning, and telling Terry to fuck her harder. She had her legs wrapped around his waist, her ankles and feet on his ass. Then, Terry told her, "OK, Janet, I'm gonna pull out now, I'm about to cum!" At this point, my wife was about to cum for a second time, and she said, "Don't you DARE take that cock out of me, and just pulled him in further with the legs she had wrapped around his ass. Terry said he just exploded his load in Janet's pussy. He said he felt like he came for about a full minute, and my wife got off again, too. After their orgasms subsided, Terry pulled out and wiped her pussy off so she wouldn't leak all over his couch.
All of this while I was taking a nap.

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  • I would have wanted to stick my cock in her used soaked pussy

  • Did you confront her? come on more details

  • You must know you have lost her. The question is what will you do about it ?

  • I cheat on my husband, my job has an office in NYC which I travel too once a month or every other month for just a day or two. And you best believe I get mine.. I honestly believe it keeps my marriage stronger, and definitely keeps its interesting in bed

  • Other than the use of “you best believe” I actually agree with you. I had a terrible marriage. We loved each other but could not get along at all. I still love her but I’m much happy with someone else. I not only suggested that she find someone to fuck I told her it might save our marriage. We were incompatible in so many ways. Sex was a big one. She wanted intimacy but had no fucking clue where intimacy comes from. I love exciting and adventurous sex. So in the end neither of us were getting what we wanted so separation then divorce. Never been happier.

  • Thats what my wife does too. She has a free pass to play any night she's away. So long as her extramarital fun doesn't impact our regular daily lives, I fully support it. She loves the opportunity to go absolutely wild and I love enjoying the aftermath when she gets home.

  • Most wives will fool around with a buddy they flirt with and feel comfortable, a guy they trust. Five years of flirting with my buddy's wife, and gets pretty sexy at times. "bet you like cowgirl" .. She's says I bet you'd like me to go cowgirl on you .. then "let me know, I'm only going to say this once. find out for yourself how much I like cowgirl." And she's the sweets girl, All American soccer mom.

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