Mother in law affair

I am 47 and my mil is 61( had her daughter young) and I might add is built like a shorter version of Pamela Anderson. So a few years back I decided that I should be more kind to my mil. She had always hated me for cheating on her daughter before we were married. And rightfully so. I stopped when we moved in together.
Any way, I made a concerted effort to get along with her. We even started talking on the phone, just randomly during the day. I noticed that she would smile and brighten up when I came around. So, I started being a little flirty with her and she responded by flirting back. She would ask what I was doing when she called. My response would be "waiting on some good looking woman to call". Her response "well here I am". This sort of thing goes on for months until 1 day I'm working on her car. I'm on my back under the dash with my lower half out of the car. I hear and her hubby pull up, and only her get out. I tug on my gym shorts just to make sure I'm decent. To which she says "don't worry, you aren't hanging out, yet". Uhh OK. I said what are you doing looking? She says "well, it's kinda hard to miss". HOLY SHIT! What did she say?? So off the cuff without thinking I said, "well I'll show you mine if you show me your". Yeah, sure thing she qiups. I finnish what I'm doing to her car and she leaves. About 3 days later I'm over at her house during the day. Father in law working my wife at school meetings. She says "hey, does your offer still stand" What offer? "You were gonna show me yours if I show mine". Talk about a lump in your throat. "Uuhh, ahh sure" I say. With that she wips off her shirt, undoes her bra and pulls down her shorts. My mothert in law is standing naked in front of me. HOLY SHIT DOES SHE LOOK AMAZING!! She says "your turn" I drop trowel and hope for the best. I am not 1 bit hard. Actually I'm scared shitless. She gives me the once over and to my amazement says "are you OK? I guess. Tells me "it's already bigger than his is. I wanna touch it". She rubs it a bit(finally some life in it) kisses it and puts as much as she can in her mouth! Unfuckingbelievable!! Never in my wildest did I think it possible. Sure I had fantisized, even while banging her daughter. But never thought it possible. I didn't last long and she wouldn't let me cum in her mouth. But I returned the favor and it was such a thrill having her tell me to lick her pussy, she was going to cum. We rested a bit and then I gave that pussy all I had. She said it was fantastic. I made her cum again and so did I. She told me my fil was not very good any more. That he never went down on her and he would aleways be done in 3 or 4 minutes, with no foreplay. We were together whenever we could steal away without getting caught. It went on for about 3 years. Saddly she suffered a heart attack and spent 5 days in a drug induced coma. For whatever reason things are just not the same with us. With her or with anything else it seems. I tell my wife from time to time that I want MY Arlene back. She smiles and says we all do. She has no idea.

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