I grew up in an incest family.

I'm F, 46, married (husband 48), a son (17), and daughter(15) and I was raised in a very loving incest family. I was exposed to sex from a young age. My parents always told me it was just loving. My mother taught me to masturbate when I was 10. I had oral sex with her and my father when I was 11. On my 12th birthday my father took my virginity, even though I'd been using dildos for months. After that I had sex with my parents any time I wanted it. I was never forced in any way. I never experienced anything but love when I had sex with them.
I've raised my kids just like I was raised. My kids grew up seeing their parents making love often. Our kids were welcome in our bed any time. We never closed our bedroom door. Nudity is common in our house. We encouraged our kids to explore their sexualities. We taught them to masturbate by letting them watch us. When they wanted to see something up close, we did our best to give them a good show. When my son was 12 I took his virginity just like my father took mine. It was so emotional. My husband took our daughter's on her 12th birthday with my father watching. He was so proud of them both. There are times when I hear my daughter having sex somewhere in the house and I know she's having a good time! When I watch my son cum inside me I feel so much love for him. Incest has blessed my life.


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  • I love it nice knowing that somebody is getting good loving it’s not like there’s nothing wrong with that I want to hear more dirty stories about moms and daughters and the kids get it on so hot

  • I love the story ,it got me hot and horny .if I had a 12yr old daughter I would fuck her too

  • What does she look like?

  • So your son is a motherfucker?

  • So how did it feel your son Fuck ing u & come it side of you ❤️❤️ Till me honey how hot was it?????

  • You are a sick fuck and if I ever find you, having your life snuffed out will be a great blessing to humanity

  • Thank you Donald J Trump supporter!!!

  • So sexy I wish you were my mom, I love my mom but how do you recommend I ask her to make love to me that way she doesn't understand that I want to show her I love her in sexual ways love is for sex

  • It's a step by step process. Do some research on flirting and be affectionate and complimentary

  • My mother and I have a long sex history and I like telling people about it.

  • Let me guess. She comes home and feeds you the cream pies that all of the homeless dudes shoot up her dank cave.

  • No that's your fantasy dude lol

  • I met someone that told me his family is open with each other and it is okay not to wear any clothes, no doors are locked and mostly left open. Anyone could shower with anyone else. I remember asking isn't that awkward? He said not at all, we believe the body is beautiful and nothing wrong with showing your beauty. I visualized him taking a shower with his 15-year-old daughter. I've seen her at the office (in clothes) and she had nice size breasts and such a beautiful figure!

    I thought how could he be in the shower when she steps in without getting an erection! If the doors are always open, do they masturbate in front of each other or do they just have sex and not enjoy masturbating?

    I'm curious about an incest family if they masturbate in private or in front of others? if they want sex can they have sex with any family member, Mom, Dad, brother, or sister? Do they have sex with one or more at a time? If they need to go outside for something, do they get dressed or just go out naked?

    Omg, I'm so sorry but I'm so aroused thinking of growing up having sex anytime with a family member.

    1. Does the incest family walk around the house naked or is that some other type of family behavior.
    2. Does the incest family have frequent sex, daily, weekly, monthly?
    3. Does the incest family have group sex with 3 or more family members?
    4, What if you have company over, are they allowed to have sex with any family member?
    5. Does the incest family keep open doors or do they have individual privacy where one could masturbate alone if they wanted. But if you could have sex with any family member, why would you masturbate? I guess you would if no one in the family wanted to have sex.

    I hope someone that grew up in an Incest home, would answer these questions.


  • I am so absolutely hard right its so hard to find people to talk to aboit my incest and other fantasies if anyone wants to talk add me on snapchat country0004 i love talking dirty with women

  • Why do you molest babies in the crib?

  • They always consent.

  • We leftists have no qualms about incest, rape, murder, etc. so you just go to about any university or coffeehouse and we’ll give/show you all the depravity you lust for.

  • You’re a liar and an imbecile.

  • Wow that was an amazing story my dick is so hard reading it have you ever had sex with your husband your father your mother and kids all together

  • I love know someone is getting Fuck hard I love it’s hot ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Mom & dad nice job 😘😘😘 keep it up money 😘😘❤️

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  • It so sexy that you & your man Fuck your kids I love 💕😘😘😘so sexy I love ❤️ it

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  • You and your parents should go to prison.

  • A slight hint of BS lol.

  • It's so good that you and your husband let your children watch the two of you fucking. It is the best way for them to learn.

  • Fuck off dick

  • The Mighty anti incest warrior will advise you the error of your ways

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  • Nice shitpost lol

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