Old man across the street

This story is from when I was with Martha, my 3rd wife. We lived in Portland, on the East side, mostly single family homes there at the time.
A guy named Pat lived across the street, he was a widower, he looked to be 65 or so but said he was 77.
He came over on many of the nice evenings, always brought a few beers. It took awhile but I figured out he mostly liked to look at Martha, who was a stacked natural redhead. You may have seen the type, wire frame glasses, green eyes, freckles, big boobs with usually cleavage showing and at barely 23, no need for a bra.
But then, two of my wives have been that type, redheads for some reason get me going and they usually are the naughtiest of women.
Anyway, Pat clearly had a roving eye, Martha noticed that and often dressed to tease him, lots of leg showing and huge armholes in the tops she would wear as we sat outside and shot the B/S.
He got several titty shots and more than once got a glimpse of her red haired beaver, she was proud of that and refused to shave it.
We got to talking about experiences one day, he mentioned he had not been laid since his wife passed away 12 years earlier.
I cracked a joke at Martha, suggesting she should treat him, we all laughed but then she got that look on her face and asked him "Really? That long?" He nodded, she looked at me and asked "Should I?" I shrugged, so she got up, walked over and took his hand.
Right back into our spare room, we had used that a couple of dozens times before with her conquests. He had a really odd look on his face and went along. I wandered in about 20 minutes later, she was on top, talk about a view!
One thing, he might have been 77, but everything sure as hell worked and he was packing a bit more that I was.
After that, he dropped by once a week, we could set our watch by him, it was lots of fun. Just once he brought another guy with him, but Martha drew the line at that. That lasted for almost a year, then he had a heart attack and passed away.
He left Martha his 45' motor home, his house and a fairly nice bank account.
I think I know why.

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