I appear to be a normal, well-adjusted guy. I am! Well, except for the fact that I really really really like sucking cock! It's a great secret that I've been keeping since I was a boy. My first experiences we're with a man who taught me how to suck his big dick. As a result I'm still a pretty good cock sucker. I swallow too! I've always been fascinated by the idea that I can suck on another guy's cock until he cums. Sucking on another guy's hard on is exciting but I love it even more when a guy blows his nuts in my mouth! And I eat it right out of his cock! That's the best! So, even though I appear to be a regular guy I think it's awesome to get fucked in the mouth! I had a friend, another "normal guy" like me that I used to suck off all the time. No one had any suspicions even though I gave him blowjobs almost every day. He's gone now, passed away suddenly. I've been hoping to find another friend like him. Just another regular guy like me. One that likes to get his cock sucked all the time! There would be no problem with me in public exposing the secret. I don't act like a queer or anything. That's part of the fun! We could party with our buddies and no one would have any idea that I would suck your cock on the way home. I would suck your cock while you're fixing your car. I would suck your cock while we're watching the game. I would suck your cock while watching a video of me sucking your cock! I'm just a normal well-adjusted guy that happens to like getting fucked in the mouth! Honestly, I wish I was sucking on a cock right now!
- Curtis

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