Affair with husband’s boss

I have been married for a little over 16 years. We have 2 beautiful children together. We have a happy marriage and love each other immensely. My husband makes crazy good money so I don’t work. The only problem is I have been having an affair with a man for almost 5 years now. I don’t know why I do it. Probably for the danger and the excitement. My boyfriend is an attorney and is a founding partner for a large law firm. My problem is my husband is also an attorney and will be working for my lover starting January 4. I panicked a little and told my boyfriend that I’m not sure I could deal with that. He said it’ll be fine. We can carry on as usual.

Do you think I should end this affair or do you think it would adversely effect my husband’s employment or worse if he told my husband? What should I do? Please advise.

-Panicky in the MW

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  • I think it’s hot as fuck. I don’t think I have the nerve to cheat on my husband but love the idea of some new cock.

  • Allright tell us about your needs, how old are you and why do you want to cheat??

  • I just think it would be exciting to have sex with someone new. My husband is the only man I’ve ever fucked. I am 24

  • Ok, how long have you been married?? How old is hubby?

  • Married 5 years. Hubby is 32

  • Kids??

  • 1 daughter who is 2

  • Your husband is he good looking?? Great in bed?? Have you somebody in mind when you think about cheating??

  • My husband is very good looking. I’m pretty sure he is very good in bed but I have nothing to compare it to. He is my first and only fuck. Sometimes I think about his best friend when we are having sex.

  • Okej why his friend are you guys flirtig?? Are you hot?? How do you look lol.

  • How long have you been in a relationship with him??

  • I think it’s fucking hot. I wish I had a side guy. I love my husband but I love sex too.

  • Might be one of the reasons your hubby makes great money

  • Update?? How did it end for you??

  • It hasn’t ended. We still see each other. I just don’t know how to stop.

  • How often do you cheat??

  • About 3 times a week. More or less.

  • How often do you have sex with your husband??

  • Maybe once or twice a month.

  • Wtf hahah, why so little???

  • My husband just doesn’t want sex near as much as I do. Or my boyfriend. My boyfriend said he would be with me every day if he could.

  • Do you go too his boat everytime you cheat??

  • No. Sometimes to an apartment that he has.

  • Ok if it was like this I would cheat too

  • We are still seeing each other but I hardly ever go to my husband’s work. He doesn’t have a clue and I hope it remains that way. I know I should end this but I just can’t.

  • Have you been There before he started??

  • Not much at all.

  • So there’s people that can recognise you there??

  • Well I know most people there but no one knows I’m screwing one of the partners. I don’t want my husband questioning me on anything if I come there a lot. Would rather stay away.

  • People should wonder why were there before your husband started there??

  • How can they know you?? Why have you been there?? Why would he questioning you for thats??

  • Why can’t you end it??
    How did you meet the man??

  • I met him at a party at some friends my husband knows. He just gave me a business card with his personal cell number on it and I started going out with him on his boat.

  • Can’t your boyfriend get into trouble if this came out, or is it okey to fuck your employes wife

  • I don’t know how that would work out. I don’t want to even think about that.

  • Why can’t you stop?? Your husband bad in bed?? Do you love he’s boss??
    Thank you for answering:-)

  • My husband is “fair” in bed. My boyfriend is fucking amazing in bed.

  • Honestly are you happy? I ask because i don’t think I could be if I cheated all the time

  • Yes I am happy for the most part. Just nervous about the possibility of getting caught. I know it sounds selfish but if things could stay like this without me getting shamed or anyone getting hurt I would be extremely happy.

  • Does your love for hubby increase when cheating or opposite??

  • I’m very much in love with my husband. I would never leave him for my boyfriend.

  • So you want this going for the rest of your life??

  • Yes. If it’s like it is now.

  • Btw how old are you guys??

  • I am 36 and my husband is 47

  • And the other man??

  • My boyfriend (hubby’s boss) is 53

  • He married too??

  • Yes

  • What’s the reason he cheats??

  • Haven’t asked him nor do I care. That’s between them.

  • "We have 2 beautiful children together. We have a happy marriage and love each other immensely. My husband makes crazy good money so I don’t work."

    how do thank him? how do you show him your love towards him? explain to me how do you love your husband? hows the kids??

  • Our kids are fine.

  • How did you met the other guy? hows it going now?

  • End it, tell him the truth, be a good woman :)

  • It’s not that easy. Believe me I have tried.

  • How did you try??

  • We both know you are going to keep this thing going. Now you will be able to find many more ways to cheat on your clueless husband. Who knows , hubby will probably do very well at his new job and you will make sure of that.

  • Holy crap. You really fucked that one up. No good way out of that situation.

  • I found out a couple years ago that my wife of 6 years had cheated on me on several occasions with the same guy. The guy was our neighbour and I think it only stopped when he moved. We dated for about 6 months when i let her move in with me. She was 22 then and had always been such a looker so she got noticed alot. Our neighbour was single about 35 and they hit off well I guess. So she confessed that it began about 5 months after she moved in with me. She had quit smoking but went to talk to him and sneak one from him. It became a regular thing and then they even had drinks together. So after admitting to having a little sexual attraction to him and he being single and would happily fuck her and she hot as hell they ended up in his bed. I guess on his performance it didn't stay a one off as she only had to text him and when I was out she would go round for 1/2 hours. She lost count how much they did it but she reckons it was at least twice a week for an 8 month period. It's safe to say I didn't have what he had and wasn't anywhere near as good as him as I seem to recall the many times she wasn't in the mood for sex and made up excuses but why would she want more after she had her fill of him.
    This was all before we were married but then she said it even carried on after we got married,not as much as she was feeling guilty.
    Then the guy moved away and she managed to keep her pants on but I noticed the change in her. We decided to have kids and she was so broody and it made her extra horny and she wanted it almost daily,so that worked out well.

  • It worked out well until the next guy comes along.

  • Well she is a mum now so I think it's safe but I'd probably never find out now,she does go to the gym alot too.

  • I have been sleeping with one of my husband's business partners ever since they started the business over eight years ago. The man's wife is one of my best friends. He and I really tried stopping about four years ago but we couldn't stay away from one another. In fact, trying to quit only made the desire stronger, and it led us to even greater risks, and, ironically, deeper and darker perversions. If you try to end it, you will fall more completely in love with each other. He is too much a part of your life to be removed. My therapist acknowledged it would be easier for me to divorce my husband than to separate from my lover. I sense you are the same: the thrill of the taboo act is part of it for women like us, but like me, I feel that you truly love your man. And perhaps also like me, your lover is also far better hung than your husband. Creating "romance" is much much easier than finding a gigantic schwanz, and that's sad, no? I wish you love and lust! Enjoy yourself and your men. All of them.

  • I have never had a man make love to me like my boyfriend does. I’m sure that is why I keep seeing him. He is the best lover I have ever had. Hands down.

  • How many men have you Been with? Have you cheated before this man??

  • Yes a few times

  • With who? Someone he knows??

  • One other time with a friend of his. All the other times it was with men that my husband didn’t know.

  • How would he react if he knew all of this?? Why did you do it with his friend have you no selfcontrol??

  • I didn’t know that they knew each other until after we had been seeing each other for about 2 weeks. They play golf together. After that I only dated men in other towns a good distance from mine. Except for my current boyfriend. He actually doesn’t live very far from us. A few miles.

  • Do you still see others than his boss??

  • No. Just one at a time. I tried having more than one lover before but it is too stressful. I just stick to the one.

  • Damn Your husband hit the lottery, play golf and work for guys that fucked his wife

  • What do your husband think of your bf??

  • He really likes him. He is very grateful that he gave him the chance to work in his firm.

  • What do your bf think about him??

  • Have you been cheating your whole marriage??
    Do you know if hubby ever cheated??

  • Pretty sure my husband has never cheated. I started cheating about 8 years into my marriage.

  • Would you care if he cheated??

  • Yes I would be upset. I know I’m selfish but it would upset me if he did.

  • What would you do if you find out he cheated against you??

  • Confront him about it.

  • Yea but I understand, if he don’t want sex so often and then cheats you
    Gonna think somethings wrong with you

  • This is so interesting, what got you
    Into it??

  • Excitement and boredom. It excites me that another man finds me desirable.

  • If he was the kind of lover your bf is with High sexdrive would you still cheat??

  • Probably

  • You did after 8 years had you been thinking about the whole time??

  • No. I hadn’t really thought about cheating until about a year before I did. It consumed me pretty much until I had my first affair.

  • Why did you start thinking about it? Did you read something about cheating or what happened??

  • A man hit on me at a bar I was at with some friends. I felt like I was in college again. It just kind of did something to me. I decided if that ever happened again that I would see where it leads.

  • Do you have any friends that know of your cheating??

  • My best friend is the only one who knows.

  • Ok. does she cheat too??

  • No she doesn’t cheat

  • What did she think about this whole situation when you panicked??

  • She told me I needed to end my affair.

  • What do you think hubby would do if he knew you are like this??

  • Would probably ask for a divorce.

  • Ok that would suck. You think he Will still work for your bf??
    How old are you children btw?? Boy or girl??

  • Not sure if he would still work there or not. Both are girls. 15 and 13.

  • Do you think I am annoying with all these questions??

  • You love your husband but would rather divorce him then stop getting dick from somebody else?? check your brain

  • Just end it and fall in love more with your lover so you can stop humiliate your husband

  • I feel sorry for your poor clueless husband. Who knows, he may get lucky and find someone who cares for him

  • You should stop

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