I Didn't Know My Roomie was a Girl

I was supposed to be away visiting my folks for Christmas but it was all so lame I came home early and found my roomy in the bath naked and half asleep. I just stood there staring at her in shock until she realized I was there and totally freaked out.

We been living together for like six months and I had no fucking clue she was a girl. She's not exactly feminine. She's kind of stocky and masculine looking but she'd got great tits and her body isn't too bad. You know a bit manly but definitely a girl.

So I'm still thinking WTF when she comes out and tells me her story. She always identified as a male and when she left home she began to dress and act like one. So I'm like what about dating and sex and she says she's not a lesbian she thinks of herself as a man and she likes straight women. I say like how does that work and she says not very well. Most women don't understand so she can never get closed to any of them. She says she'd be happy just to go down on them but they always want more so she goes down on them and then breaks up with them.

So I don't really care and I was just shocked to find out she was a girl but then she says she'll do anything if I keep her secret and let her keep living with me. Now I was gonna do that anyway until she said that and it got me thinking.

I told her she had to fuck me and she cried and I said just suck me off but she cried about that too so we compromised and now we get naked and masturbate together and we both like it. Sometimes we go to the movies and out to dinner and to clubs and things and I really like her now. But she's just like a guy until we get naked to masturbate.

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