Giant Bear

This is really weird because I’ve never told anyone I do this but I am a 33 year old women and I love masterbating I mean I have sex with my boyfriend all the time thank goodness lol but when I’m alone I always have the urge to get off. So recently at the fair my boyfriend won me a giant stuffed bear and it’s been sitting on a chair for a couple of weeks now and the other day it was hot outside and I had been working in my garden when all of a sudden I got that urge again so I went inside and jumped in the shower to clean off and came out to the living room to lay on the couch and start fingering myself when all of sudden I got the urge to jump my bear! Now this thing is almost as big as I am so I picked it up and took it in my bedroom and laid it on the bed and then I dropped my towel so I was completely nude and I crawled on top of it and mounted it and at first it was kind of an odd feeling but as I grinder around on it I noticed the stuffing started kinda moving in the center forming a pile and creating a sort of lump so I kept doing this till I felt a nice hard pile between my legs and I went to town I bounced up and down making my titties bounce up and down and my pussy was getting so wet then I looked at the face on the bear and noticed his mouth and nose looked like a big cock so I scooted myself up on his face and started pushing my pussy against it and the next thing I know I was exploding all over this poor bear but damn it felt good!! So now when my boyfriend has to travel out of town for work I mount my teddy all the time. I’ve been think about somehow attaching a strap on so I can get some anal love too but I havent quite figured out how to do that yet lol I don’t think I’ll tell my boyfriend about this just yet as it’s a little embarrassing but who knows maybe he’ll want to watch me do it!

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  • Mine was a Siberian Snow Leopard doll. Just happen to have a zipper on the belly so I slipped a remote controlled vibrator inside and really make that cat purr.

  • Hehe I do the same thing to my poor bear 🤗 I have even fell asleep on top of him after humping him and I awoke to that pile of stuffing you mentioned and my bear took me for another ride! Lol

  • So great darling I am sure this is at least one of the true stories her

  • I’d definitely watch that myself

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