Any 18yo boys wanna get prego?

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  • I wish I had your skinny leg over this daddy's shoulder, I'd fuck your good n hard

  • Id wait till youre legal bri

  • Im 20 i hooked up with a 16 boy, dude hes my wife lol

  • My balls smell like vinegar tho

  • Put that skinny leg over daddys shoulder

  • I'm skinny and fresh faced with a really cute little butt. If I had my leg over your shoulder what then. I'm gonna be fifteen next summer and never fooled around that way?
    It's kinda funny because when an older boy first had sex with me and spermed in my butt he had to explain what sperm was and I was scared that it would become a baby inside of me, lol.

  • Can I sperm in your tiny butt?

  • Put that leg over daddy's shoulder, be prepared to be sore for a 2 weeks.

  • If you put your slinny leg over my muscular shoulder prepared to get pregnant and sore haha

  • Hold you by your ankles

  • My fat cock sliding in an out of your boy pussy, my baggy balls slapping your cute butt, while I'm giving you hickies, licking your neck, holding your leg over my shoulder making babies.

  • Put that leg overmy shoulder?? Id get you pregnant.....make hot sweaty love to you....not just fuck you...kiss you all boy!

  • Be my girlfriend

  • What about me? I wanna get you pregnant

  • I wanna be a dad

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