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I’m a 55 year old retired teacher. I was in the classroom for 35 years. I have been divorced since I was 41, no children and have not been intimate with a man since. I was fully consumed by my work and I was great at it. However, as of today it has been a year since I retired. And with COVID-19 happening I have only left the house for home product and groceries. In this past year that I have been alone, I have immersed myself in the internet. And by doing that I have learned two things. I way more sexually open minded than I thought and younger men love older women. I have met three men in chat rooms that I have been video chatting with for a few months now. And it has opened my world of pleasure. Knowing I am desired and knowing that my own touch is enough has been empowering. Also I love this site, lots of ideas to explore here. Maybe I will share more details next time I post. I’m still getting use to being a little more vulgar, when become more comfortable I will share more. Thank you

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  • Please do. I’ve just discovered this site and it’s a real turn on reading saucy secrets. Ive posted a few myself and it is enlightening and helpful for frustration.

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