Two For One

I don't want to brag, but luck found it's way to me. To be in or have mother-daughter sex seemed to be a pervert's sex fantasy. The odds of having one is unbelievable. I was bar hopping one night looking for action but wasn't having any luck. It was getting close to closing time and the only female there was a chunky unattractive bitch. She was eyeing me a lot while drinking there. Next thing I knew she pulled a stool next to me and said, "I'm horny, are you willing to do me?" I guess the drinks in me and my filled balls caused me to say "Yes" to her. "We can get it on at my place. I'll leave my car here." While I drove she unzipped me and pulled my dick out. She blurted out, "Oh Baby!"
When we got to her place she led me to the bedroom and pulled down my pants. "Oh Baby!" I heard her say. She began to give me head. I spotted someone at the doorway and quickly pulled my pants up. "You don't have to feel guilty or embarrassed. She's my mom and she's use to me bringing guys home. Then that chunky bitch pulled my pants down in front of her mother and showed off my cock. "Nice!" her mother said and walked away. She continued to give me head as she was removing her clothes and mines. Her tits looked good on her. I began to play with them. We got on the bed and I continued to mouth her tits as she rubbed my dick on her pussy and guided it in her. "Oh baby! My mom needs to feel this!" I filled her up with my cum load. and sort of passed out from my drinking.
The following morning I felt my dick played with. I had a terrific morning wood from the previous night's drinking. I open my eyes and saw her standing there looking. It was her mom who was playing with my dick. She was totally nude with belly and giant tits hanging. She kept slapping my cock with her tits. "You need that in you!" her daughter said and her mother straddle across me while her daughter held it and guided into her mother. "Oh Baby! I want your cream pie!" she screamed out as her daughter played with her mother's breasts. She bounced hard and wildly on my shaft. Slapping my face with her tits. I finally exploded.
Then the unbelievable happened . While her mother laid next to me playing with my dick, her daughter started eating my cream pie out of her mother while she too played with my cock. I turned towards her mother and began to nurse on her giant tit.


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  • Written by a sick guy. Thats pure fantasy.

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