I’ve always fantasized about sucking a dick. I am married and have never been attracted to men but wanted to suck a dick on and off for years. I was 40 on a business trip to Maastricht and I found a porn shop. I was in the zone mentally to finally do it. I wandered around and went to the basement. There was a gay movie in and a guy about my age sitting in a chair watching. I stood and watched about 5 minutes and got the nerve up and I had alcohol confidence in me and flat out asked the guy if I could blow him. He agreed, stood up and I got on my knees right there in the open, undid his pants, dropped them and started sucking his dick. It wasn’t small or big, about 6 inches so I could easily bury my nose in his stomach and take it all. I was loving it, I could feel the precum flowing in my pants. He moaned as I worshipped his dick. Licking it, sucking it and rubbing his wet cock on my face. I was in the zone. I started slowly bobbing on it, taking long slow strikes. He moaned a lot and after a few minutes I could feel him harden and I knew. I let him cum in my mouth and I kept slowly sucking as he jerked and shook. After, I went to the bathroom, wiped my face rinsed my mouth and left. I had the best jerk off session in my hotel afterward. I have done it one other time at a gloryhole in New Orleans.


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  • Nothing wrong with what you desire. Many men identify as straight and are but get off blowing men. I'm one of them. I have realized as of late that in fact i am bisexual but more attracted to women witch prevents men from opening up about it. Lots of women will and have eaten pussy and i was still with them and wouldn't give up dick but still like eating girls out. They are considered hot and never seen as a lesbian because they continue living a straight lifestyle. If we let the public know as a straight man that we have or would for sure if known publicly we like sucking dick but prefer pussy we are seen as gay and most of society wouldn't except us as straight so most men either sneak around or they turn to the gay lifestyle. I love pussy,live as straight man,have 4 kids and work hard. I also am now single and by choice so i can suck cock or fuck a bitch and not be cheating and don't have to answer to anyone. Wish i could tell you how to have your wife and still satisfy your needs but honesty you can't. All i wanted to assure you of is after 5 years since my divorce i have found that 9 out of 10 men I've been with was living as a straight man sucking dick on the down low like i used to and yourself. We're normal and people around us are shallow and judgmental. Suck dick if need to to be happy. Life isn't life without happiness. Hopefully you never get caught or you find a way to cum out to wife and she likes it but most don't. Later my friend. Hope you find this long response helpful. Talking to other cocksuckers online is a good way to get off with men not cheating on wife. Worked for me and im sure you've jerked off to m/m porn. Enjoy

  • Finally someone else who feels as I do do not judge me eating a friends pussy or sucking a friends cock it makes us all feel good..

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