I want you

I've been married to my wife for 10 years. I've been having sex with another man for almost a year now.

So a couple weeks ago, my gay lover was at the house. I was making dinner for the 3 of us (me, Craig and the wife, tiffany). I was going to make fried chicken. Craig and I were in the kitchen. Tif won't come in the kitchen till it's done because she's grossed out by seeing raw chicken.

So Craig and I are talking while I'm cooking. Tif is in the living room around the corner watching her show. Craig walks up behind me, presses himself against me and reaches around and puts his hand in my pants. Since I was at home I was wearing house clothes. In this case, it was a t-shirt and pajama bottoms that are loose fitting with no underwear.

He kissed the back of my neck and he was playing with my cock. He licked my ear and said, "When can we have some fun?" I said, "Later. When she goes to bed." He said, "I can't wait that long. I need a taste now." I said, "What if she comes in?" He said, "You said she won't. She hates seeing raw chicken." I said, "Hang on a sec."

I looked around the corner. She was taking a nap. She works super early and sometimes falls asleep when she gets home. I went into the bedroom and got the small bottle of lube. I went back into the kitchen. I handed him the lube and said, "We gotta be quick. She walks in I'm fucked." He said, "Won't take me long." So I bent over the kitchen table. He dropped my pants. He lubed up his cock and started fucking me. God did it feel good. I started moaning. I couldn't help it. He was hitting it just right.

It didn't take him long. We hadn't had sex in probably 5 days. He doesn't typically jack off because he knows he can get me. He busted his nut inside me. Once he was done he started sucking me off. Before he could finish me, I heard footsteps. We had just enough time to get my pants pulled back up before tif walked in

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  • Im in a love with 2 girls one is a Tran girl that me and my Gf are living with ,she is so beautiful and no one knows we make love as we do!

  • I'd such a cock if it would turn my wife on. But I already know, she would never want me again if she saw it.

  • So what are you going to say when you give her a STD or STI?

  • OH Mighty anti incest warrior defender of the decent, are you still there, great one ?

  • My wife caught me and my fuck buddy one day. He came over and she went shopping, soon as she left we were in bed kissing and having fun. I was eating his ass and she walks in, forgot her phone. She said, keep at it...give me a good show. So i did. I had my tongue up his ass far as it could go....then I moved up and sucked his cock till he exploded into my mouth while I played with my cock...she walked over and bent down and kissed me...saying she wanted some of his cum too. Then she undressed and and shoved her ass on my face and told me to clean it out. She was not cleaned up but I went at it while he pinched her nipples till she cummed too.

  • So jealous wish i could join you guys

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • My reply


  • I honestly think my wife would love to watch me suck cock

  • I would like to watch you suck cock too,MINE,I've wanted to try it for so long

  • Ilk suck u off

  • Would you let Tif get some side cock?

  • If she actually wanted it, yeah. She always says I'm all she wants. I wish she'd be into some kink

  • When Tif goes down on you, do you find yourself remembering what it felt like to have Craig in your mouth? I am curious about so many things

  • Wife gives great head...when she does it. Problem its extremely rare. Guys that give head love giving head and are damn good at it. If tif would actually do it or put out in general, there would be no reason to go elsewhere

  • I just found that after I crossed that line and gave a blowjob, now when my wife goes down on me I remember exactly what it felt like to have a cock in my mouth too. It makes me feel even kinkier, knowing I know exactly how she feels at that moment

  • Me too

  • Another fucking HOMO

  • Seriously? You are between 42 and 52 aren’t you? 1) no one uses that word anymore and 2) wtf is wrong with you?

    Hang on. I get it now. You’re jealous because you are still closeted. As the other person wrote it is 2021 come out. You will be embraced by an entire generation and more.

    Good luck. I hope you have the courage to stand tall and declare your own sexuality.

  • It's 2021. Learn to not be so pig headed. Not everyone is a flaming, lisp having, pillow biter. Some of us guys are just as normal as everyone else. Just like getting our dick sucked and don't care if it's a guy or girl. Head is head

  • Wanna suck each other

  • I'd love a new suck buddy. Moved acrossed town and can't get schedules to not conflict. Its been entirely too long since I've been naked with another man

  • YES YES YES im in white lake and live alone wife died 3 yrs ago i can host

  • Tell me where and when, and I’ll show up

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