I put a remote kill switch on car to stop girlfriend from driving

When my last girlfriend moved in with me she would go to the 7/11 or Wawa's two of three times a day for something like sour candy, fountain drink, cigarettes etc. We shared my Cobra Mustang so I connected a remote controlled 12 volt on / off switch to the fuel pump power. Just to do it and be an asshole and have power and control I click the remote and the car will not start up. My girlfriend looked furious whenever it did not start and she could not go to the store. I played with this for about 2 weeks. Almost Everytime I did it my girlfriend would pop the hood and look at the engine. She had no clue about engines. She looked so damn sexy looking at the engine just with her sweatpants and flip flop any shirt anything she looked so sexy I would peak out the window and watch her. I even masturbated a few times watching her.

15 days ago

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