How long a cock has your wife had and is it yours? My cock is 7 inches and my wife says that both her previous boyfriends had longer cocks. She does say that mine is the thickest of the three of us and that she likes the thickness.

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  • My wife is a true big cock Queen. She told me once after sex that one of her lovers had a thicker cock that me and their sex was great . She claimed she would get off 3 or 4 times every time they had sex. With us it was once , maybe twice if I was lucky. She also said she would cum right away with a thick cock.
    I admit it was not the best news to hear but i didn't care, as long as I was getting laid, i didn't care and still don't.

  • I think my young wife is a size queen too. She told me her last boyfriend was a big guy with a large cock., (I'm a bit below average). I was pissed at first but since have accepted that she's taken a big cock but that she's with me now.

  • I forgot to mention that the biggest cock she had was at least 9 inches long and she loved every inch of it.

  • My husband has a nice big cock that can satisfy me. His head is especially big.
    I sometimes have trouble getting it all in my mouth.

  • I know a guy with 8 inches but he never seems happy or able to form a lasting relationship.

  • See the videos and comment :

  • I had a threesome with my wife before we were married, and the guy she picked up was the biggest she had ever seen. It's pretty embarrassing, but I loved seeing how big he got. She briefly rubbed them together, and I do mean briefly because I couldn't help myself and covered his with my load.

  • My wife didn't want to talk about exes but she soon gave in after I pestered.Of all her exes (5 in total) she said the biggest was around the 9 inch mark and she never got used to it as he was young and didn't really know what he was doing with it. Then she said 3 were all average and she never had complaints with those sizes. But then she said she had a short lived relationship when she was 21 with a guy who was 36 and he was around 7/8 inches but nice and thick and although it took her a while getting used to his size he was the most patient guy ever and was amazing in bed and he turned out to be the perfect size once she got used to it. So it's safe to say I'm probably the smallest my wife has had and she says shes happy with it and big ones are hard work but now she reckons I've developed a fetish or big cock envy as I begged her to buy an 8 inch dildo which she lets me use on her. Obviously shes in her 30s now and had kids but I'm surprised how easily she takes 8 inches in her.

  • I asked my wife a while back how long the longest cock she's had was. She seemed embarrassed and shocked that I would ask. I told her I wouldnt be mad. She said the longest was about 10 inches. No. Its not me. I'm half that. Doesn't bother me at all.

  • Same here, me and my wife had the talk and she said one of her ex's had a large cock and it hurt her every time they had sex. She said she was always sore the next day after having sex with him.

  • I would love to see my wife taking a big dick like in porn. Seeing her meaty pussy spread wide as he fucks her good is all I can think about.

  • Before we met, and while she was married to her previous husband, she had an affair with one of her married bosses at her job. She said his dick was the biggest she ever had or ever even seen and she constantly reminds me I "just don't fucking measure up". She denies still hooking up with him but I'm sure she is still spreading it for him, and probably at least twice a week, which means he's getting more of that pussy than I am. I can tell they're fucking by the way they look at each other when they're in the same room, and by the way she smiles on those days when he's been hitting it. I've overheard her tell her friends that "if Hank's wife ever dies, I will totally marry him, even before she's in the fucking ground!" She denies the affair but I know what I. Know.

  • Mine is 6 to 6-1/2 inches . My girlfriend at the time now my wife was with a black I want to ask her how big was he should i

  • Im 7 inches cut. My wife says that she likes my cock. But she told me that guys who are bigger give her a better Orgasm. We have a great sex life so it doesn't bother me if she fucks someone else once in a while. We all have needs.

  • Mine is 6 inches, she’s had bigger but doesn’t know measurements. She says she had sex with a guy because he had a big one. She danced with him at a club and he was pressing it into her butt and it felt huge. They had sex in his car that night, her only one night stand, and he was big. She sucked him, too. She said she liked sucking it but he was too rough and it really hurt her vagina. So she’s not into having sex with big ones, she likes the way they look and likes the idea of them. She says she likes balls, big balls, to suck and lick more.

  • It's the tape measure guy again.

  • Mine is 5.5 my wife says size doesn't matter but has told me that every other guy she's been with was larger. One she said was almost twice as long. I get her drunk and have her tell me all about her ex's

  • It's not like they have tape measures in their vaginas, buddy.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Some them use they puss so little they might well use them to go measure some shit!

  • I hope this isn't true. But if it IS true you need to get out there and get you some. Please dont let you love grow cold. Get you some loving. Please?

  • Why dont you man do you no more? That so sad I'm so sorry!!

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