Ended up cheating

When my friend told me that she over heard my husband's buddies talking about me , something inside me changed. I've been happily married for 8 years , I'm still not sure why I got all turned on by finding out that his buddies make sexually lude comments about me. I became obsessed with making them want me even more . I started wearing slightly sexier clothes that gave them more of a chance to see down my shirt and tighter Jean's and stretch pants without panties to give them a better view of my lower body. This went on for a long time , but I wanted more attention. I came up with a plan . I took a bunch of naked selfie's and pinned one to my main screen. Then when my husband wasn't around I would leave my phone somewhere so that they could see it. This made my heart pound and my mine go crazy. A couple months ago I was doing this when I heard my husband coming back into the room , I went to were I left my phone and it was gone. I was panicking then realized one of the guys was not there so I asked where's Jim. Chase said that he was in the bathroom. Then seconds later the guys phones started making the text message sounds and I knew at that point Jim was sending them my pics and videos. A few minutes later he emerged from the bathroom and when my husband went to grab another beer he handed me my phone. I felt like I was going to throw up when I went into and confirmed that he sent himself and the others everything. I quickly put my phone away and looked at the guys who were looking through their phones sneakily. I left the room and the guys and my husband continued to drink, play cards and watch sports. The room started getting loud as something was happening on the sports game on tv. Then I received a text from one of them. ( We want to fuck u so bad u r hot ) I didn't respond. A couple minutes later I received another text asking me where I was. I replied that I was in the family room. He texted back and said ( u want it ) I replied your funny . He replied we're coming in Ken ( my husband) is barfing and almost passed out . Then I received the whole group text , asking me if I want to get gangbanged, telling me that I'm a slut, and more and more names. I panicked and ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I literally sat on the floor in there for about an hour. Finally the texts stopped. I waited a couple minutes and opened the door. The truth is I wasn't surprised to see them standing there , I pretended like nothing happened and tried to walk past them. They instantly were all hands. They had my clothes off and their fingers and hands were covering my body within seconds. They picked me up by my legs and arms and carried me to the bedroom. They through me on the bed , Jim says look she's not even putting up a fight. He started to eat me for a few seconds and then someone said I can't wait anymore and pulled Jim out of the way. He rammed inside me pumped a few times, pulled out and came all over my tummy. The rest got in line, taking turns each one did his best to hump me as hard as he could. When the last of the 4 were finished they. Got dressed and left the room.


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  • Have something more happened after?

  • I showee my wife's nudes to a drinking buddy of mine while we played pool at his house. It's embarrassing to admit, but when he asked to see them a second time, I asked him to show me his. He said I don't have any pics and then pulled his joggers down to reveal his hardon. The second time he scrolled through her pics, I gave my first blowjob.

  • Wish I had been there, I would have done all kinds of things to you, we would have been going at it for hours 4 minimum probably till daylight at least

  • Well I don't know what to say about that. I can say that they all have been more aggressive towards me. They also have been trying to get me to go to a hotel room with them.

  • You can be sure that this is just the beginning. they will be after you from now on, now that you have shown that you liked it

  • Truth is I am kind of hoping so.

  • My wife Julie needs this, since I no longer excite her. I have a good size cock and can go for hours, but with her I have to hurry and blow one or she'll start getting mad roll over and take off. Needs a gangbang

  • Shared my wife with a friend one drunken night. She was dancing with him at the club earlier with my permission and it was hot to see her grinding on him and him feeling her up. Invited him to the house, we drank some more. Then I started kissing her and stripped her and we both had sex with her. She asked if I wanted her to suck me while he did her or for me to do her while she sucked him, and I said both. We took turns in and out of her mouth and vag. No condom. She was very into it. He came on her back while I came in her mouth. We kept drinking and took turns in her butt. He came up her butt with mine in her mouth, then I finished her n her used butt. What a night. Watching your wife take it in the butt, through the pain and pleasure with my sausage in her mouth was amazing.

  • Sorry I left parts out , he was laying on the floor after being sick for so long.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • No, Ken was passed out sleeping on the living room couch. We all made sure he didn't die or go to his room.

  • And Ken was in the bathroom barfing all this time? Sure.

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