Moans are loud and juicy

I am embarrassed to get excited at the wrong time. I don't want to but it happens. My wife doesn't know it excites me but I tell her it needs to end. Her belief is it is all a part of growing up.
My daughter is permitted to have sex at home. He must really be good the way she moans. It gets me too jacked up. It's too obvious she is enjoying herself. If the wife isn't home, I take it out and jerk. Wetting my pants is not hard to do. I am not sure if I would feel different if she was my daughter and not stepdaughter.
I am jealous I am not the one making her scream and squirm with pleasure.


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  • You should knock out your daughter's boyfriend and take his place fucking your daughter.

  • ♥️incest

  • Fuck you and this sick incest crap! Go blow your brains out ass hole.

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  • Cos your ugly as fuck

  • Jesus, not more of this disturbing crap. Embarrassment is not what you should be feeling, something more like shame.

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