Does anyone else get turned on by cartoon characters on TV? I don't know if it's normal or not, but I get a raging boner watching hot cartoon women. I especialy like the hot mom on American Dad and Leela from Futurama. I've even wacked off to Marge Simpson. It kinda seems a little strange, because they are not real people. I havent told my wife or anyone else, because I don't know how normal this is.

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  • I still want to fuck a hot man . my dream is to be fucked good by a hot looking new man like a male model who is also a ballet dancer, spaceman, russian king and doctor and lawyer. i don't expect much as you can see.

  • I really get turned on by Mr. incredible's wife, invisible girl. She has an ass on her. Every time I watch that cartoon I just imagine her between my legs. I would bang her real good.

  • Yeah I've had the same desires for Lois and meg also Marge especially when I've seen that cartoon babes site one of the other repliers is talking about, Oh Marge your such a slut, and here cums little Lisa now it's getting weird.

  • I love hentai

  • I had a thing for Luanne on "King of the Hill" and sort of a fixation on her Aunt Peggy's tits but her congenital bitchiness put me off. I'm oddly unmoved by Lois on "Family Guy".

  • Lois is hot. I beat off to her daughter Meg all the time too.

  • Cool World had some good looking gals. I also liked the old Vampirella magazines. Lots of sexy cartoon women out there, past and present

  • Don't tell your wife of this. If you admit it you know she thinks of you as an idiot at times and this certainly won't help.

  • What’s next Bugs Bunny dressed like a girl??

  • Don't be sick. Bugs Bunny is a rabbit, and a male. I only like female cartoons of humans.

  • Have you seen the porn with all three of these cartoon babes? If not check it out.

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