My Bull

I'm a married BBW that needs a change of pace. Husband and I belong to a Shriners Club where they hold dances on Friday and Saturday nights to raise money for kids with medical issues. Very seldom I get asked to dance, I guess because I'm a big gal. Then my luck changed. This slightly older guy began to come to the club on a regular bases. I noticed that he guzzles down a good number of bottles of beer. He began to ask me to dance with him whenever a slow song was playing. I told him my husband bartends here and he's ok with me dancing with others. I guess the beers blurred his vision and made him horny. He's a good dancer and I started to ask him if he wanted to dance. His hands started to slip on my big butt and he rubbed it, He then started to make sure I felt his bulge as he pressed good and tight into me.
My husband became aware of him and started to question me about what was going on. I told him nothing was going on but wished that there was. "I understand, we have been married a while and you got the seven year itch. You wonder if others desire you." "Yes, and he's interested in me!" I said. That following week my husband and I talked about my sexual cravings, he gave me the green light.
I put on some perfume which I normally don't do and clothes that I thought would make me a bit more attractive before we headed out to the club. John, the guy that desires me, drove me to my house and never questioned me about my husband. We went straight into the bedroom and stripped. He's a bit more endowed than my husband. We kissed and grabbed each others privates He lowered me down and I figured he wanted to be sucked. I made sure he enjoyed my head job. He slapped my face with his dick. He pushed me into the bed rubbing my ass with his dick as I started playing with my clit. I folded my arms under what little breasts that I have and felt his endowment enter me, enjoying the moment. He pulled out and shot on my ass.
When my husband came home that night I gave him the details. "So he has an endowment. You deserve a good cock now and then." Then he told me he wanted to watch me with that cock and get pleased. So I let him. John is my bull now. He fucks me before the three of us head out. My husband understands my desire for John. He's a sex thing not a romance situation.


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • A lot of men like BBW, don't sell yourself short.

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