Long story short, my sister in law was over almost every day this summer as her condo pool was closed due to Covid, she’s divorced as is her friend she came with, they had an open invitation to come over whenever. One day I left work early and got home before my wife which is unusual, and my sister in laws friend was in the pool by herself, I changed into my bathing suit, went out and she said my sister in law would be over in about an hour, now this woman has a great face but goes about 250 lbs, but I always found her attractive, so purposely I dove in and came at her feet as she was sitting on the edge. She has very nice feet and I told her so, with out asking I started to lick her toes she giggled and I said there’s something else I’d like to lick, she pulled her suit asid and I went to town, she came and said I owe you, we went into gazebo and I rubbed against her bare ass crack till I came, it was great, we got back in the pool giggling like teenagers, half hour or so later my wife and her sister came home and it was like nothing happened,, shortly after we had the pool closed and we have not seen eachother,, maybe next summer we can do a repeat

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  • Our best friends Linda and Bob were over at our pool. Bob just drinking beer on the patio. Linda in a Mack Truck tire inner-tube, legs lapped around the top -- just sunning herself. I cam up in the middle right by her pussy. Toyed with licking her thighs. She pulled her bikini aside exposing her awesome trimmed pussy "MAN UP" - i licked her pussy on and off for an hour "i owe you a blowjob you'll never get -- but thanks."

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • You cheated on your wife?

  • Never looked at it that way, but I guess

  • With her sister. Hope she finds out and divorces you and takes everything.

  • Why do you care?

  • Sisters friend

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