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Becoming friends with a new fm coworker. Since we aren't allowed to go out anymore, we have been spending a good amount of time together. Mostly she comes to our home because she enjoys the pool. Problem is I am starting to enjoy her in ways new to me and I am not sure why. I find myself checking out her hard body, wanting to remove her skimpy suit. At just turned 18 she is very toned, petite, shapely, innocent, pretty, enticing, and now you know why I wonder what is wrong with me. For the first time ever I want to eat another woman. She is so erotic that I get so juicy when she is around and look forward to masturbating when she leaves. The only way for me to do her is to hope my husband suggests a GGB, but it's never came up before, so it probably won't happen. And if he did come up with the idea, I would have to resist at first so he wouldn't know my wants. I am searching for ideas on how to make it happen. Any ideas? Am I going crazy? Or is she like the hottest chick I have ever layed eyes on?


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  • Fuck off pedo

  • My wife is closet bi -- she says she's not. Years ago she said I got to tell you something. She said she had a fling with her boss. One night working late, just them 2, they cranked up Gimme Shelter, got naked and had sex on the break room table. Two janitors see the whole thing. She's sure way more than 2 know. Big company, the boss gets transferred 1,000 miles away as punishment. She gets treated like a victim, given $25,000 to STFU. She says I owe you one, don't divorce me please. On vacation she helps me pick up this gorgeous young lady at our hotel bar for a 3 way. The girl is giving me a BJ and my wife is going down on her. She's really into it. This is so hot. She later said she only did it because it looked like she didn't want me to fuck her, but I do after she's done with her and Jill just watches., It doesn't look like Jill's first rodeo, but she says she just copied why I do to her. She can cheat with women all she wants. Bet your husband feels the same way. Just don't some other guy's dick in her.
    PS She buys me a Harley with the settlement.

  • I would suggest one thing that hasnt been yet. Next time she is gonna come over have ( if you can) some lesbian or 3sums porn going. If you have kids then have it playing in your bedroom, maybe have a swim suit to let her try on , use, or give to her. Tell her it's fine if she wants to try them on in the bedroom cuz you want to see how they or it look on her. Tell her she can change there in your room if shes not to shy. And you can also change in front of her so she can see that you are open minded and bot so shy and maybe she might get the hint and run with it.
    You mentioned her age, about what she's are you and your husband.
    If nothing else you could just tell her straight out, you never thought about being with another female, but seeing her around and getting used to her being there, that you have been feeling a little curious and you want to know how she would feel about it.
    Years ago like 33 years ago, a buddy and I just out of military and so we partied the entire weekend. We were drinking and I had tried for the 1st time some street drugs, so i was feeling pretty good. I just came out and told him straight out that i wanted to feel his cock in my mouth. It took about 15 minutes and I was finding out how it felt.
    Good luck i hope you get to fulfill your fantasy.

  • And did you like it? that sounds hot

  • Well first you must do some subtle tests with her to see if she will respond

  • Good advice, see if you can encourage her to spend time with you and your husband. After a while ask your husband what he thinks of her and be sure to say it's not a trick question!! Maybe when you are all together make sure you are all drinking and try to encourage this woman to flirt with your husband. You will have to plan it carefully and obviously be smart about it! Good luck

  • Go for it , nyc

  • You should be able to be honest with your husband and tell him how you feel.

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