Wife passed out

My wife had some left over pills from a surgery she had months ago, she had a real bad sprained ankle so she took some for pain relief. It was not even an hour later I see her doing a shot of whiskey and I asked her if she forgot she took a pretty strong pain reliever, she downed two more shots. She was feeling pretty good about twenty minutes later and then she was just slumped down in the couch with her mouth hanging open. She was breathing fine and pretty out of it, slurring her words and falling over on the couch. I decided this would be a good time to strip her naked and screw around with her since she would have zero memory of it. I pulled off her top and bra then rolled her over and took off her jeans and panties, I began ticking her nipples since she really loves them played with a lot. She was moaning and laughing, kept telling me how sexy I was so I got her down on the floor and dangled my cock over her face, she licked and sucked on it so sloppy I love it. She had drool going down the side of her face and my cock was soaked with saliva. I turned around and began licking and sucking on her nipples then worked my way down to her pussy, I dragged her legs apart and licked her for a bit in a 69 while she drooled on my cock some more going from passed out to sucking over about half an hour. I figured she was due for another shot so I took a break from licking her and got another large shot for her, she slurped it right down and was right back to slurring words again. I sat on the couch and told over and over to get up here and suck my cock, she finally made it up to my lap and began sucking but mostly it was just mouthing with an occasional closed sucking. I loved holding her hair and making her mouth bob up and down on my cock. I figured she was pretty ready for a good fucking now and got her bent over the end of the couch, I spread her legs out and started pumping her. She was having a great time because she was wet as hell and moaning out, she finally crashed hard because she was no longer using her arms to even hold herself still. I picked her up and took her back to our bedroom, propped her waist up on some pillows and spread her legs out wide.
She did not even moan out as I slid my lubed up cock head into her anus, I love just putting the head in and pulling all the way out then popping it back inside her, so damn tight and if feels great. I wanted more pussy so I used a condom in her ass, I slipped it off after a few minutes of playing with her ass then plunged right into her wetness. She was out cold as I watched her move and not make a sound with every pump into her pussy. I figured cumming in her mouth would be a bad idea with her passed out so I just filled her pussy a few times then rolled her over on her side to play with those awesome nipples some more. I pinched one of them really good but she made no movement at all laying there with her mouth open breathing away. I covered her up and turned out the lights figuring she would wake up in the morning with not a single memory of getting played with as usual.
She rolled out of bed around nine am and asked me if there was any coffee, I told her it was done and poured her a cup, she looked at me from across the table and told me I must have had a great time last night. I told her hell you passed out after the whiskey shots and pain pills, she gave me a smile and asked how she ended up naked and full of cum then. I laughed at her and told she was begging for it.

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  • As far as I am concerned, kate and meghan are sluts and whores and I don't think they deserve the respect they get but I would honestly say most women today don't deserve much respect and especially married women with babies are the worst and most selfish and conceited group of women apart from the working rich bitch or the wealthy old battered snakey-sneaky viper horney dirty smelly window who want young men chasing them and singing to them who drink alcohol like its a fish in water really are so annoying. unmarried mothers are complete jerks of people. If it was a man doing the shit scams and hustles they pull off people would be saying "what jerks" but its women being jerks with kids and can't be proper mothers.

    women today have let down the most vulnerable of disability women who are single without love, work or men.

    you ought to be ashamed of yourself for not helping women who have disability and poverty and who don't work, can't find work or husbands and have no real friends and are treated more badly then an abused married woman who does get sympathy because most single women who have been abused or raped or assaulted by strangers and men and female fake friends end up on welfare and can't even have kids and feeling useless, how about you try it for a few years. They hide from the world in self shame for you to be so happy and free and rich and loved up.

    so how does it make you feel kate and meghan to be forced to see how the other half live and forced to help disable single women?
    its about time you were forced to do a lot more and face your victims at eye level, you dirty selfish bitches. who is the fraud now ?

  • Last time my wife passed out cold from drinking was on vacation at a hotel. Had the bellboy flaring in new towels and sheets with her laid out naked on the bed. He got a good look at her. Almost told him to have his way with her but he didn’t speak English.

  • My wife knows, if she passes out she wakes up with a sore butthole. Every time.

  • You are amazing man!

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