Once in our married life

We have had bed talk every time we fuck but normally I initiate it ,we enjoy it and comes massive orgasm after ,one on a camping site I begged her if she could agree for one time bringing our fantasy to reality she finally agreed now we had to find the third party ,I remembered the ticket guy on the entrance to the park a young student looking muscular guy ,it was the end of the day. I approached to him and started talking about him and found out he was a college boy in the nearby city works for some money for his education on the weekends so he was my person ,I told him openly what I wanted from him offering a good reward ,he was blushed first but when I explained him that my forty year old wife does not get enough from me he agreed to come over after work for a drink and talk
He was at front of my camper after sunset I invited him inside we sat down with some beer I was seeing obvious satisfaction on his face by looking at my ladies beautiful curvy body
By the environment both of us were getting more excited every second
Until I turned down the camper light and with my gesture my wife got close to the guy and started touching him ,he was motionless for a minute but very soon started responding with touching her back ,some kissing and more touching now I could see the guys young tools bulge tearing out his pant
She led him to bed and I followed ,with in a few second my wife was free out of her cloths and the guys pant was completely down with his quite huge dick between her legs search for her beauties face to face I could not resist to join the party her round curvy bot was all mine two hard erected dicks were
Looking to enter her from front and behind we pleasured her and ourselves for couple ours and reminds that every time we make it up but does not want to repeat it

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  • Mine didn't need any encouragement. But I put her in the doghouse for a month. She gets gets a new phone and has me do the setup. So I check out her pictures, expecting flowers and normal stuff. And all that's there and nudes of her, nudes of her hugging a kid nude lifeguard (she's 45), a picture of a nude pictures on a MIF wall, her included with other older babes. Emma WTF?
    "dumb me -you'd never know" she says. Girls Beach week "the lifeguards picked on us." Did your girlfriends sleep with them? "girls honor, I can't tell."
    There was one of her GF on the wall, but 6 weren't.

  • Maybe I can offer a ggb in exchange for a bbg.
    becoming friends with a new fm coworker. Since we aren't allowed to go out anymore, we have been spending a good amount of time together. Mostly she comes to our home because she enjoys the pool. Problem is I am starting to enjoy her in ways new to me and I am not sure why. I find myself checking out her hard body, wanting to remove her skimpy suit. At just turned 18 she is very toned, petite, shapely, innocent, pretty, enticing, and now you know why I wonder what is wrong with me. For the first time ever I want to eat another woman. She is so erotic that I get so juicy when she is around and look forward to masturbating when she leaves. The only way for me to do her is to hope my husband suggests a GGB, but it's never came up before, so it probably won't happen. And if he did come up with the idea, I would have to resist at first so he wouldn't know my wants. I am searching for ideas on how to make it happen. Any ideas? Am I going crazy? Or is she like the hottest chick I have ever layed eyes on?

  • Did you suck his cock ? nyc

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Why did you post the same statement on every fucking post. It’s annoying!!

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