Family fun

I'm married. I've been married for 9 years. My brother in law is married and has been for 5 years. My brother in law and I have been having sex for almost 3 years now.

My wife and I were over at his house one day. His wife was going to cook for everyone. We got their early. Jake's wife mary still needed to go to the store for groceries. My wife Anna said she would go with her. I was just sitting there watching tv. Jake was in the shower. He started yelling out, "Mary?" And after a couple times I finally heard him. I went to the bathroom door and told him they weren't home. He said, "Oh. Can you hand me the soap? It's under the sink." I got it and started to hand it to him. He pulled open the shower curtain and said thanks. He stood there naked and he caught me looking at his cock. He said, "What are you looking at? My cock?" I said, "Yeah. Sorry. Couldnt help it." He said, "Like it? You haven't stopped looking at it." I said, "Just between you and me? Wives won't know?" He said, "Sure. What?" I said, "It's a great looking cock. You're a show-er. Looks good. I'm a grow-er." He said, "Well, take it out and let me see."

I unzipped my pants. When I don't work I don't wear underwear. I pulled out my cock. He said, "It's kinda small." I said, "Like I said, I'm a grow-er." I'm like 5 and a half hard." He said, "Come on in here. We're getting the floor wet." I got naked and got in. He started stroking me. He said, "I wanna see it hard." I started stroking him. We were soon both hard. He said, "Well, we are both hard. What are we going to do now?" I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick. He said, "You aren't gay? You're married to my sister." I said, "Not gay. But can't see a hard, magnificent cock and not suck it." He said, "You're pretty good. Mary doesn't suck dick. Its been a long time.

We took things to the bed. We 69d on the bed. Then I moaned out, "Fuck me." He said, "Really?" I said, "Really. Fuck me. Put your dick inside me and fuck me." He said, "This is kind of gay." I said, "It is absolutely gay. I'm ok with it. Do you want to fuck me or not?" He said, "Yeah. I do." He got some lube out of his side drawer and lubed his cock and started fucking me. He didn't start slow. He was already way too horny at this point. He pounded my ass. Busted his nutt inside me. I jerked off while he fucked me. I was close to cumming when he did. He finished me off sucking me. Rest of the day was like nothing had happened.

A week later I get a text from him. He asked what I was doing. I told him nothing. He asked if I wanted to come over. I said, "Lemme ask Anna." He said, "Not Anna. Just you." I said, "Well Anna and Mary get along pretty good." He said, "Mary is at work. Wanted to do what we did last weekend." I said, "Oh yeah?" He said, "Mary doesn't really want sex that much and I jack off damn near everyday." I chuckled and said, "Isn't that kinda gay?" He said, "You and I ARE gay. Maybe not all the time but when it's just you and me, definitely gay. Now come over."

We now have sex once or twice a week every week.

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  • Oklahoma couple get life in prison for incest
    * By Barry Porterfield Dec 5, 2019

    PAULS VALLEY, Oklahoma – Life behind bars is the fate of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, couple acting on the husband’s fantasies of incest, while both created a daily life of horror for their young children.
    A few hours of testimony during a sentencing hearing Monday resulted in a Garvin County judge handing out terms of life in prison without the possibility of parole for both Gerrad Coddington, 25, and his wife, Christina Nelson-Coddington, 30.
    The couple have been accused of taking part in sexual acts with a 2-year-old girl, who is Christina’s biological daughter and Gerrad’s stepdaughter. Both have admitted to beating her two sons, now 10 and 6 years old, and often withholding food from them.

    Gerrad Coddington, restrained in inmate chains, took the stand to express remorse for his actions, while also calling himself “mentally messed up.”
    Gerrad said his problems began when he was sexually abused by his stepfather when he was 3. By age 12, he was looking at pornography online.
    “Honestly, I feel this is my fault because I originally opened up to Christina, my wife, about my fantasies,” Gerrad said. “I’ve always had a fantasy about incest. It’s not that I prey on little kids. I always told myself it would be a fantasy I would never act on. So, it’s on me for it. I feel like I was the one at fault.”
    Gerrad then described more about his fantasies.
    “Do I believe incest is OK? Yes, as long as you’re not reproducing. I understand it’s wrong but everybody has their own beliefs. I understand it was completely wrong. I should have been there to protect my kids but I didn’t,” he said. “I’m trying to be man enough to stand up for my mistakes. I blame myself for all of this, until the day I die.”
    Gerrad added he’s been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder and manic depression.

  • “I put my family through hell because of my fantasies. I hurt my family because I’m selfish," he said. “I am 100 percent sorry. I wish I could go back and this never started.”
    Moments later, his wife Christina, also held in restraints, briefly took the stand. Now eight months' pregnant with their own child, Christina confirmed her husband had expressed a desire to have sex with the baby after it was born.
    “I’m sorry for all I’ve done,” she said. “I never will be the mom I should have been. I’m sorry to all my family, not just my kids.”
    She shed tears when Assistant Attorney General Matthew Adams called her a “monster.”
    “She's the mother who served up her 2-year-old daughter to her husband,” Adams said, while pushing for the maximum punishment allowed by law.
    After listening to nearly four hours of testimony from witnesses District Judge Leah Edwards gave both defendants multiple life terms, including those without the possibility of parole, and other smaller sentences, with all running concurrently.
    “This is not an incest case,” Edwards said. “This is a violent rape, sexual abuse of minor children case.”
    Edwards said aggravating factors weighed heavily on her decision to hand out the harsh sentences. The judge said Christina “utterly” failed in protecting her children, while Gerrad had not only shown a “lack of remorse” for his actions but had written a letter while in jail, showing he wanted to continue the sexual acts with young children.


  • Baby Girl Dies After Sexual Assault; Father Charged
    Austin Stevens, 29, of Lower Providence Township, was arrested and charged with involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, rape of a child and other related offenses. A baby girl died after she was raped by her father, who waited for an hour to call 911 at his Montgomery County home, investigators said.

    Austin Stevens, 29, of Lower Providence Township, was arrested and charged with involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, rape of a child, aggravated assault, aggravated indecent assault, endangering the welfare of a child and other related offenses.
    On Saturday at 10:40 p.m., police were called to a home on the 3400 block of Germantown Road in Lower Providence Township, Pennsylvania, for a report of an unresponsive infant. When they arrived they found Stevens with his unresponsive 10-month-old daughter Zara Scruggs. Scruggs was taken to Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, where she was pronounced dead at 12:12 a.m. on Sunday.
    By David Chang • Published October 6, 2020 • Updated on October 7, 2020 at 2:09 am

    A mother, Mistie Atkinson, from California has been charged with incest after it was discovered that she had sex with her teen son in a hotel room. The mother and the son were found with sex videos in the hotel room. The teen is 16 and he had videos on his cellphone that depicted his mother performing oral sex on him. Authorities investigating the case also found nude photos of the 32-year-old mother that she sent her son when their relationship began earlier in 2017.
    The teenager lives with his father, who has sole custody. The son knew that Atkinson was his biological mom. There is no documentation regarding how much contact the mother and son had with each other prior to the affair. Authorities did make it clear that Atkinson has no custody rights to her son.

  • Texas infant dies in sexual assault, father charged
    An autopsy found the 9-month-old was sexually assaulted and died during the attack
    A Houston man faces capital murder charges in connection with the death of his 9-month-old daughter, whose body investigators said showed signs of sexual assault.
    Harris County sheriff’s deputies went to an apartment complex just after midnight on Aug. 24 for reports of an unresponsive infant, according to authorities.

    When they arrived, emergency medical workers already were treating the child, identified as Savayah Mason – but she was pronounced dead at the hospital.

    A Harris County Institute of Forensics autopsy found that she had been sexually assaulted and died of asphyxiation during the attack, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

    Authorities launched a homicide investigation and interviewed her father, 23-year-old Luis Luna. On Monday, they charged him with capital murder in connection with his daughter’s death. He was taken into custody without incident.

    “Heartbreaking,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted after the arrest. “Worst type of cases. May this little angel rest in peace.”


  • Why is so wrong with a daughter and mother being together sexually. We have been a couple for 17 years started when I was 18. We are totally in love. Be both like cock we pick up a hot guy once a month for 3some.

    But we both prefer girl/girl and long 69 sessions with each other.

    Nothing beats oral sex with your mom.

  • It is totally fucked up ass hole

  • It's not wrong

  • Fuck off lady balls!
    Incest is so wrong they gave it a name and made it illegal!
    And before you open that garbage dump of a mouth!
    It is illegal in 92% of the countries dumb fuck!
    The other countries are just as retarded as you are dip shit.

  • Fuck you for that fake shit you wrote.

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  • Good for you. I love wives that won't put out, I get to suck a lot of married cock as a result.

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