Wishing and waiting

I have had feelings for my wife's cousin for several years now. I'm pretty sure her cousin felt the same at one point, but I passed up the opportunity years ago, and I wish that I hadn't. I've tried fighting my feelings, but they just keep coming up. So lately, I've been wishing that her cousin would break up with her boyfriend, and move back here and live with us again. She lived with us before she got with him. Well, a couple of weeks ago, she left her boyfriend. He treated her like crap, and he didn't deserve her. And on top of that, she's coming back to stay with us for awhile in a couple of weeks. I can't help but wonder if my wish is coming true. I just hope I don't make a fool of myself when I finally make a move on her. I've never been one who was interested in being with more than one woman, but if if I could have exactly what I want, then I'd get to be with my wife and her cousin. It would truly be a dream come true, because I really do love them both!!!!!

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  • What the fuck is wrong with you? Mommy drop you on your head when you where a baby?

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