Looking for my first time.

I’m 58 years old and wanting my first experience with another man. I have always been somewhat attracted to other men. I fantasize about sucking a man’s penis all the time and swallowing his cum. It must be great feeling to pleasure a man that way. I have even made out with a couple of guys when I was younger, but was afraid to go all the way. I regret not going all way with a guy named Charlie he was a hairdresser at the time. He had blue eyes, blonde hair and a cute little ass. I think about him occasionally and wonder what he would’ve been like in bed. What it would’ve been like to bend over and submit to him for my first time....


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  • I'm 50 and bi mwm and love sucking cock. Feeling it throb in my mouth before he empties his cum in my throat is amazing.

  • You are on the mighty anti incest warrior assistant's watch list, so be aware

  • Piss off you poofters, your all demented

  • You are obviously demented if you confuse sexual orientation with sanity. Just give in to your desire to suck cock and stop insulting those that already do, fool.

  • You need a giant kick in the balls every morning, arsehole

  • I am sure you want to be the one to do it, too, so you can admire my balls, and cock every single morning. Might be hard to kick me while you have your raging hard on, though.

  • Rude arsehole fuck off

  • I knew ever since I was sixteen that secretly I liked wearing women's clothes, but I had never been with another man. When I was about twenty years old I met a tranny and she fucked me. I loved what she did to me in bed and ever since that first time I had to have her dick. We started seeing each other a lot but I tried to hide how much I loved her fucking me. I loved the feeling of her cum squirting up into my ass and I was actually proud that I could make her cum so many times. She made me her little slut. But that's ok because that's exactly what I wanted to be.

  • Once that first cock enters your ass, you will only want that. Once his warn cum fills you, that the only feeling you will want. It becomes your obsession.

    I'm 30 years old and 5 years ago, on a week long business trip in LA, I met a guy. I was married and he seduced me. I was not drunk or lonely. He just knew I what I needed.

    Every night for 6 days he used me several times a night coming in me. In the morning my mouth was guided to his beautiful cock and I sucked and swallowed his delicious cum. I never fucked him or was sucked. I am a bottom. I came from receiving anal.

    When I got home, that night I left my wife telling her, I was gay. I hate what it did to her, but I hated sex with women.

    I was with the LA guy for a year as a stay a home slut. He fucked me constantly I was in heaven. But I fucked up and wanted more ass fucking and l had an affair with two of his friends who were a couple. The spit roasted me every day after my guy went to work. The 3 of got caught in bed at home after a 4 hour sex session. My ass was dripping cum, my face cover in dried cum.

    Since that day, I have whored myself and take any man's cock. I love my life and live for anal. If at least 6 men take me i feel satisfied sexually.

    Last month I let 30 men have me over 4 day. But I still wanted more.

  • 30 men in 4 days?? Wow. How the hell did you arrange that? The most I have ever had is 5 guys in 1 day.

  • Mostly, gay men i know, who are board with their lovers. Gay men will always fuck any ass that is offered to them. The gays just want to fuck and use me.

    There were also 8 straight guy who were curious about taking a man anally. They were the most into it, they even were into kissing me before anal. They make love to me in a gentle loving way. It felt so right with them, they even caressed and held me after sex. One guy I've known since i moved to LA told me he has loved me for years, but will not hurt his wife by leaving her. He was the best in bed of all the guys.

  • AIDS!

  • Fool. Ever hear of Prep or condoms?

  • Thats not a 100% guaranty.

  • South fort Myers 6 inch cock needs an ass it's a 6 inch cock in ass

  • So place an ad on Doublelist and get some cock.

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