Prostate massage

The other day my gf was sucking me and put her finger in my ass. She has done it before but this time she found my prostate. I came really good. I feel now I wanna get my prostate massaged every time in order to cum. She has used a dildo in my ass but her finger actually felt better. I heard of coming hands free and want to try it out.

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  • My ex really wanted to do this but I was reluctant. After a couple of glasses of wine at dinner, when we got home I finally allowed it. She got me onto all fours and sat next to me and began caressing my balls to make me hard. It worked. Then, she told me to jerk off while she was lubing her dildo. She began using the dildo on me while talking over jerking me off. Very intense orgasm.

  • No more new posts?

  • How to become a poofter in one easy lesson

  • Every man has a prostate gland, gay or straight.

  • Not all like playing with it though

  • Playing with it doesn't make you gay.

  • If it feels good I might give it a try!!

  • You probably would you dope

  • Fuck u ass hole.

  • How can I do this for my husband? Do I need a certain angle etc. I'd love to try this with him, we have never tried anything anal wise for him

  • U may want to google prostate massage that’s how I learned and explained it to her.

  • My wife is undersexed and doesn't know it but 3 months ago my sons 16 year old friend seduced me. (The age of consent is 16 in our state) I had hired him at my company as a night worker. It was the start of the lockdown. We were alone, and he stripped in front of me his cock is huge 10 inches, and thick. He walked over and just guide me to my knees and my mouth opened and took his cock. He was rough and it was oral tape, but when he came, I was in heaven. I swallowing every drop, my life of denial fell apart, I new at that moment I was gay.

    We kissed on the couch after that and i explored his beautiful young body. We were in 69 position as I kissed his ass cheeks his hand guided
    me to his ass and he looked back and said Lick and tongue fuck it. I did it was so degrading but I became rock hard, I felt is mouth on my small cock I'm only 4 inches he sucked and I came almost at once he swallowed. We shower together in my private bathroom he was hard as stone, guided me to my knees and used soap to lube me and took my anal virginity. He lasted 30 minute, I got hard and came from the pleasure finally he cums in my ass. I have spent hours on the couch with him watching gay porn with his cock in my mouth. I worship his body and live to be his cum dump. In 3 months I have swallowed countless load. I get him hard constantly and ride him until cum and start again he can't get hard anymore.

    I told him I'm divorcing my wife so he can marry me. He said yes. I'm staying at my office and we are fucking constantly as no one is here do to the lockdown.

    He all mine now, my body is his willing play thing.

  • Age of consent is NOT 16 in any state. Try again dildo. I guarantee you won't respond with what state you live in. This story is bullshit.

  • New Jersey.

  • I didn't write the confession, but the age of consent is 16, in 34 of the 50 states.

  • Married at 16? How old are you?

  • Can easily make you a Poofter

  • Like your father

  • Idiot.

  • Your the idiot here clown

  • I love when my girlfriend massages my prostate as she sucks me. I really want to try cumin hand free. No one sucking it or touching my cock. I see videos of men cumin hands Free and really want to do it.

  • When I was young 18 I had my first a prostate. I didn't realize my on campus college doctor who was young was also gay. He kept is finger in 10 minutes and made me cum.

    He had me come back every week and after the 4 visit his cock was in my mouth he came fast and I swallowed. I have been confused since that day. I

  • I had some alone time yesterday, and after reading posts like this I decided to try out my wife's toy. I grabbed the suction cup dildo and headed for the tub. It took a while to work up the courage, but once I got into it I couldn't believe how good it was making me feel. I woke up this morning still thinking about it. I am starting to question my sexuality.

  • Nothing is wrong with that. Prostate massages feel great and doesn’t mean you gay. A lot of men play with dildos for prostate massages. It’s because they feel awkward asking their wife to do it. Not all women understand what the prostate is. It’s like the women g spot. I glad I explained it to my wife and she excepted it. I’m the one who wrote this article.

  • Oh man, I think I am addicted. I have used that suction cup toy so many times since that first time 3 weeks ago. I am starting to worry about my fantasies.

  • Good for you!

  • I got a prostate exam from my doctor and it gave me a hard on.

  • Did he/she notice?

  • Yes, he said he needed a sperm sample and jacked me off. Very clinical

  • I must say that I was having sex with my girlfriend onetime (missionary), and she had both hands on my ass. She reached in and was feeling my asshole then she slipped the tip of her finger inside me. It was only in maybe an inch, so not close to my prostate, but I had never cum so hard in my life. She was shocked at how fast and hard I came. She did it a few more times after that, but then we broke up and I've never had nor asked anyone else to do the same to me.

  • Oh a good prostate massage will cause you to cum harder than you thought possible and knock you dizzy at the same time.

  • If your girl can give amazing head and work that finger on the prostate you'll be shooting rainbows and happiness out of your cock.

  • I ended up grabbing my ankles as my gf used her dildo on me. She was kneeling and had my butt propped up in her lap. So humiliating!

  • Then you need to get fucked and really have that prostate worked.

  • With a strap on?

  • If you are not ready for a real cock, sure.

  • I think I am ready for either.

  • Then do it. We can help. Tell us where you are and a contact method.

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