Teases And Toys With Me

I enjoy satisfying my dick. I'm horny a lot. Even though my female partner pleases me sexually, I'm always interested in ladies that get my dick hard causing me to cheat on my partner. My partner lacks a physical feature that my dick swells hard to, big tits. Age doesn't stop it from getting hard if she's has big tits.
So far during the time I been spending with my partner, I've been with her dear friend, her nephew's fat wife, her mom's church female friend. Now I desire and have a fetish for Becky. Becky is my partner's cousin's house mate/landlord. We stopped to visit her cousin and I spotted Becky. She's an older woman with pitch black hair, thick body and huge saggy breasts that can keep your cock interested. Becky noticed I had eyes for her. She leaned into the car teasing me with a down blouse shot and saw that I was trying to hide my bulge. "I'm available, stop by and share a drink with me."
My partner came out of the house and climbed into the vehicle. "I see you met Becky my cousin's renter. She's an alcoholic. That evening when my partner was giving me head, my dick wasn't hard from the blow job but from the thoughts of tit fucking Becky.
Few days later I ran into Becky at the liquor store. "Why don't you buy that bottle and bring it over to the house and we can polish it off." I saw her boobs hang as she bent over to grab the bottle and handed to me. " I won't bore you." she said as she kissed me on the cheek.
I told my partner I was going out with an old drinking buddy. She was fine with it. I parked my car up the street and walked to Becky's place. "The door is not locked, come on in. To my amazement Becky was sitting topless at her table. "Sit down and let's get to know one another!" as she poured into the glasses. She has mega breasts that she laid on the table and lit a cigarette as she said to me, "Your partner's cousin admitted to me that you can't keep that dick in your pants!" She just puffed away and swallowed her drink then took her hand and pulled on her nipples. "Baby, stand up and show me that dick." I stood up and pulled it out. "Come closer, baby!"
I stood next to her with my dick out and grabbed on to her breasts. She smiled and grabbed my cock. "We're both endowed, aren't we?" she said as she blew smoke towards my cock. She slid her chair back and said, I want you to slap my tits with your cock, as she lifted each tit for me. I told her to turn around in her chair and hang those saddlebags on the backrest of the chair. I started to fuck them as she lit another cigarette and blew smoke towards my cock. She stood up and undressed me and herself, grabbed my cock and rubbed it across that oversize clit that she has. She went on her bed laid there as she played with her clit and sucked on her breasts. "Come on baby, help me suck them!" I nursed on her rigid nipples as she slowly slid her hand up and down my shaft while I took two fingers and kept stroking her oversize clit until she climaxed. "Your turn to climax!" she said as I straddled her and with her mouth open she jerked me with her tits and took the load directly in her mouth.
"My tits are always available to get pleasured by you baby! Just bring a bottle and you can play with them until your shaft can do no more." Becky turned out to be my drunken slut.

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