Friends dad

When I was 15 I helped my friends dad one day in his wood shop. He ask me to hold to boards together as some glue dried. I noticed when he reached around me for some nails his cock brushed against my ass, he did this 3 or 4 times. It made me nervous but I will admit I liked it. The glue dried enough and I told him I had to leave. That night I jerked my cock thinking about his dick brushing against me. I couldn't get that thought out of my head. The next week I road my bike over to my friends house again actually hoping his dad was in his wood shop. I knocked on the door and his dad answered and told me Billy ( fake name) was not home but I was welcome to wait while he was working on a cabinet in his wood shop. I followed him to the shop and we chatted and laughed. Then it happened, he asked me do I masturbate much. Embarrassed I just laughed. He laughed as well and asked me a second time. I just did a fake kinda laugh and said "yes." He then asked me if he could watch, I thought, "wow hes is crazy." He stepped closer and told me to relax as his hand touched me belt. needless to say in a few minutes he had my cock in his had jacking me off! I knew this was wrong but did not stop him because, well, I liked it!!! He worked my cock until i busted a huge load. We both laughed and he gave me a towel to clean with. Billy's dad jerked me off a few more times over the years. As I am now a grown man I often think about those woodshop days and would like to do it just one more time.

Has anyone else had such an experience with a friends dad?


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