It happened with sister

My sister and I had rooms adjoining in the house upstairs. When she was about 6 or 7 and I was 15 she said she had an owee. I looked and it was on her thigh high up. It was a red dot. I touched it and said it looked ok. The next night I asked about the red dot and she showed me and I examined it. I looked at it for a few nights telling her I needed to be sure it was better. One time I let my hand fall onto her crotch and she jumped. I apologized. Three nights later I examined again. I put my hand on her crotch and she looked startled in her eyes. I rubbed and she said stop please and I did. She said got out of her room. The next night I asked if I could examine again and she looked at me and then slowly said yes. I examined and put my hand on her crotch and rubbed and she let me. A couple nights later I asked how her red dot was and she said I needed to check it. I looked and said the red dot is gone as I touched her leg there and then I laid my hand on her crotch and rubbed and she closed her eyes. After that I would come into her room on some nights and she let me touch her in her bed. We touched for awhile and it advanced. At first I touched and rubbed her mound with her pjs on. Then I got inside them and touched. I found her wet slit and rubbed and she squirmed a lot. This continued. She eventually pulled off her pj bottoms. She would spread her legs wide and let me touch. I started to suck on her and she loved it. Then she wanted to see me and I let her. Then she started to touch as I touched and sucked on her.

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