Piggy in the middle at just 15 !!!

When I was a young boy aged about 15 I frequented many local public toilets because I loved nothing better than sucking Thick Large chunky Cocks ....one local toilets I used had a large glory hole between two cubicles and I loved sitting there just waiting for the Large chunky Cocks to be pushed through so I could suck em.......Sunday’s were fantastic .....hours of sucking large thick cocks ....it was pure bliss on earth ...! ....I often dressed up in stockings and suspenders which came up just under my chunky white arse which some guys just loved and also my eye liner and make up made me look like a young slut and a tart .....one Sunday two or three guys with BIG THICK COCKS dragged me out of the cubicle and into the main toilet area ....another guy kept lookout as three or four guys with Huge Thick cocks all gave it to me in my mouth one after the other .....it was crazy , they emptied their balls and hot salty spunk all over my face and in my eager slutty greedy mouth , then they bent me over the sinks pulled my trousers down and one of them said “oooh lovely’ stockings and a lovely smooth arse for us to fuck in turns .....it was beautiful I was told to spread my legs open wide and one of them lubed my arse with KY jelly and then shortly after the first large cock went in my arse slowly but nicely !!… WOW it was lovely .....I took two more clocks after him as they dumped their hot loads in my arse.........30 minutes later I walked out and took the bus home but stood all the way home ...unable to sit as my young skinny arse was still trembling from the Sheer size of the huge Cocks which had been up my Arse......boy what great days they truly were 😜

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  • Once you get some good dick you will always want dick. I don't know what it is about getting fucked in the ass but once you do you will always want it again. I first got fucked at age 24 by this tranny I picked up one night. I could feel her wet, hot, sticky cum squirting up in my ass every time she thrust her big sexy hips into my wet ass. After that all I wanted was dick. Now I'm 70 and all I think about is all the dicks I've had in the past. And I still want more. I think about how good that sissy fucked me all the time.

  • Kenny the 15 year old sissy next door dressed me in real cute ruffle butt panties and fucked my tight ten year olds boypussy the same way that you were. My new friend's hot, sticky cum was worth the experience for sure and I was hooked on the feeling.

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  • Fuck you and your pedophilic posts ASS HOLE

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