The Old Broad

I thought I would never confess to this but I enjoy being with very old broads. Loose wrinkle skin, empty saggy tits, toothless mouth and having them give you lots of attention.
I do meals on wheels. On my route Rita, began to engage in lengthy conversation and a bit careless on the way she dresses. I don't know why. but maybe it was from not having sex for a while that caused me to be horny. I was doing my meals on wheels and Rita was my last stop. She asked if I had time to converse with her and invited me in to chat. I don't know why but I started to case her out. She was wearing her house coat and she kept putting her hand inside the coat trying to correct her bra. The coat didn't quite cover her veiny legs as she crossed them while sitting. I think she noticed my bulge that I had from being so horny and that I was casing her trying to undress her with my eyes. "I think I took too much of your time. I better let you go." Rita said to me. As we walked towards the door I placed my hand on her rear. "You're being naughty." she said giving me a smile.
As she opened the door she gave me a peck kiss and being so horny I pushed her back inside and slipped my hands inside her house coat grabbing her empty tits. She just stood there letting me continue to do what I was doing. She removed her house coat and her bra so I could play with her empty breasts. Then she began rubbing the bulge in my pants. I unbuttoned and slid her hand into my pants. " I never dreamed that someone as young as you wanted to do an old broad like me." as she led me into the bedroom and removed her underwear exposing her hairy grey snatch. She laid naked on the bed letting me run my hands all over her. I started to finger her as I licked her empty breasts. She removed her dentures and surprised me by sucking on my cock. Her grey hair head bobbing on my cock as she squeezed her empty tits together.
I grabbed her and flung her down and let her feel my cock ease into her while I held her loose pussy lips open until it was completely in. Her pussy started to get moist which surprised me. She started to thrust a bit on my shaft as she sucked her empty breast. I pulled out and put my cum on her grey snatch hairs.
"I don't understand this situation but I hope you got it out of your system." she said with a smile as she let me out.

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