Cheating Senior Cashier

Lilly is not one to take granted for. She's a retired heavyset BBW who works at a grocery store that I go frequently. Whenever I'm at her register we chat a bit. I try to be a friendly customer. She complains to me at times about her home life and her husband.
Then one day I knew she was a bit depressed so I asked her if she wanted to have coffee at the donut shop around the corner to talk a bit to remove the burden on her shoulders. Her hair was graying, her boobs is big and saggy and she has a wide butt. She knows I live alone and don't date and she has told me she wished she was a few years younger and wasn't married that she would ask me out.
While having coffee at the donut shop she put her hand on top of my hand and squeezed hit. Then she rested it on my leg. "It's been a long time since I fooled around and maybe that's why I'm in the bad mood that I'm in. Being a retired senior has it's dull moments." Then she asked me if I enjoyed oral sex and willing to put it out for her. This was a total unexpected surprise. She led me to where her vehicle was parked and we went to the back seat. She exposed her big boobs while I exposed my cock. She went down on it, trying to please me well. I kept feeling her aged boobs. Then she started jerking my cock until it unloaded on her breasts. "I want you!" she blurted out. I was curious about her sexual experience and wanted to find out. "What about your husband? I asked. "I can tell him I'm working while getting pleased at your place if that's ok?"
I began to pick Lilly up at the store and leaving her car park there. While driving to my place she would put her hand in my pants, squeezing my privates while rubbing a boob. Both of us knew this was only sexual desire, nothing else. At my place the first time she undressed to let me see her naked body and told me to get nude also. I grabbed her ass and pressed my cock into her while we kissed. She then went down on me using her mouth on my shaft. I told her I was going to cum. She said, "it's ok I've taken many loads in my mouth." We went into the bedroom and she knelt on the bed sticking her big ass out while playing with her clit. I started to rim her and she just stood there playing with her clit. I kept rubbing her ass cheeks while rimming her. Lilly will take her hand off her clit and start playing with her boobs.
Whenever we was at my place we both be walking around nude. Her big wide thighs excited me as well as her huge saggy breasts. She would get on the couch hold her legs up for me to do oral on her. I would run my tongue on her swollen clit while holding her lips open. Several times I was pounding her good while she talked with her husband on her cell phone.
I don't know how long we will pleasure each other, but for now it's great.

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