Cheated on my husband with a guy I work with

About a 3 years ago, I went to a work training in New Mexico with about a dozen co-workers from various markets. One of the guys that was there I had actually just trained (I work in the wireless industry) earlier that year. Anyways, I was 41 at the time, and he was 23. The funny thing was that despite I found him to be extremely attractive, I did not see him as being anything more than a kid because of his age, as I have a Step daughter about the same age, and my own daughter was in HS at the time. Well, we all went out as a group to a bar across the street from the hotel we were all staying at on the last night, and I got crazy drunk. Long story short, I ended up taking the young stud back to my room where we made out, and I gave him a blowjob. He asked me if he could fuck me, but I just didn't want to go there despite wanting to fool around. I woke up the next morning with super intense anxiety because I didn't remember everything from the night before. I was paranoid that my other co-workers knew, as i was one of the only managers there, and it would not have been a good look. That, and the fact that I'm married and had never cheated before too. Luckily, nobody said anything, and the guy I fooled around with said we were the last ones to come back to the hotel, so he didn't think anyone knew. He was paranoid too because he had a long time girlfriend. We talked it out at breakfast in the lobby and both agreed to take it to the grave. He also told me that I was much better at giving head than his GF , and that I had the nicest butt he had ever felt. I'm a bigger gal, but I've always had an ass. His GF is a skinny little thing, so my booty was "epic" according to him. I remember finishing the blowjob in the 69 position, but I still had my pants on. He kept smashing his face between my cheeks and let out a deep moan when I swallowed him, which was super hot. He also had a pretty big dick, which was something I hadn't played with in years. My husband is very average in that department. At the end of the day, it all worked out. Nobody found out, and it was only a 2 time affair with a quick booty groping session in the back of my store a few months later that resulted in a 2 minute blowjob in the storage closet

Anyways, that's my confession. My husband would be on suicide watch if he knew, but it was an ego boost that I needed.


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  • My wife Judy loves giving BJ's and her girlfriends kid her about it. Women talk about sex more than me. We have 2 decks at our house. I'm reading a book on the 2nd floor deck, just above the first. Her and her girlfriend Amy just below me. Amy needs a car. Judy brags what about the great deal she just got.
    Amy: But you gave the sales manager a blowjob.
    Judy: He was good looking too.

  • Early 40's, done having kids, I had a FWB. She was a soccer mom our from kids' soccer league I knew for 10 years. Married and a little board we're flying closer to the flame. We go at once or twice a month. One time I didn't have $125 cash for the room so I used a credit card for the room. oops. Cindy (wife) got the bill before me and goes WTF? I fess up, I'm fucking Judy from soccer. 'She's nice and safe, have fun, don't be so careless -- her husband might divorce her. Why don't you use our cabin -- it's only 30 miles away. That motel is on a main road. .BTW I'm seeing a guy from work, he's safe too. so don't worry.' That was 10 years ago and we both had 3 or 4 FWB since. It's always married friends we knew a long time. 5 years ago we had a couple around the same time, Judy and Bob. We're at a party last year. I caught Bob grabbing Cindy's ass like he owed it.
    I quiz Cindy, "did you and Bob?" "we sure did, fat penis" "OMG, I was with Judy 20x" If you both cheat it works.

  • That's Hot. I love cheating honestly its the best sex ever. I would sneak you anyday. I had my wifes daughter often she was 18 about or so and would try flirting when alone and i jerked off in front of her til she begged to start mating. I had her like 3 times a night when wife sleeps but now im craving younger yet and her other daughter is here grrrr and my friend is asking if i can watch his teen daughters tonight and im saying yes they can stay as king as u let me have tgem here thank you. I dunno im craving ot and is it bad i feel so exhilarated teaching them. My wife watches family incest porn and masterbate together and she has been cery lusty twards her youngest

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I've never said a word, but I'll never forget the fun we had!!

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