Massage Lessons

My husband and I have been navigating stress with telework and distance learning with our kids and a blended family dynamic. We had a kid free weekend so I booked a couples massage lesson as my husband hasn’t ever had a massage and I was sore from switching to a new workout routine.
She arrived promptly and brought in her own table and in a matter of minutes our living room was transformed.
She was petite and had a warm smile and very long jet black hair. She was a stark contract to my tall frame.
Husband and I were both in PJ pants and lose fitting t shirts.
She stepped out of the room so my husband could undress and slip between the sheets on her massage table, nude.
She came back in and we began the lesson. She talked about the importance of oil and how to apply it along the area of the body we would be focusing on. He was on his tummy, in prone position and we started at his shoulders.
She was careful to explain how to touch him and for me it was such a confidence booster to touch my husband in such a therapeutic way. We moved from his shoulders to his arms and hands, then back up to jointly move down his spine and worked on his lower back before contorting the sheets to look like a sumo wrestler diaper. I giggled as his cheeks were exposed. We then moved along his out hips and then moved down to his feet.
He flipped over and we then moved from his feet and traveled up his body. It was a comfortable rhythm and conversation.
She left the room as he got off of the table, he out on pants on but left his shirt off. I undressed and slipped between fresh sheets on her table. I was warm as the table was next to the fire place. I was also tired from having worked on my husband body, taking in so much new and fascinating information and novice level skills.
As she and my husband started to work on reliving tension in my muscles I nearly dozed off in complete comfort. I had to flip over and they resumed the lesson. She started at my head and she leaned over and gently kissed my lips. I smiled, not sure if my husband knew what was going on. She then asked my husband if he had heard of a perineum massage. He said he had not and that he didn’t know what a perineum was. She said she would show him after she shared how to massage a woman’s chest. She explained how she could only go from my shoulders to the start of my breast tissue, but that he could go as far up on my breasts as he wanted. He respectfully mimicked her hand placement and dared not move up any further. In unison they make their hand movements down my body. I feel this sudden electricity in the air and she reached my thighs and grazed along the space where my inner thigh meets. They move down to my toes and then she and my husband moved back up to my hips. She placed her hand on my perineum to warm it up and then started to stroke from there to my clit. He joined in. I lay there not know whose fingers were whose. She then bent down to kiss me and then popped back up to reach a hand out to my husband to introduce herself as a friend he knew I had met on a dating app. She happened to be a professional masseuse and after I told her about my fantasy to get a massage and have sex she wanted to help make it happen. We all laughed.
She then said there was a test and she slipped out of her clothes and my husband and I have her a massage using all of the lessons she explained.
We decided to move upstairs and proceeded to have a threesome for the next few hours.
After we were all well satisfied, she packed up and left after sipping tea on the sofa and chatting for about an hour.
My husband and I then went and got drive thru take out and cuddled up to watch the Mandalorian.

1.1 years ago

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    • This is without question the best post I believe I have ever read on here.

      I did something similar for my gf. Our experience was amazing and if possible brought us closer as a couple. I didn’t think our connection could be stronger but after we had our experience our connection is stronger.

      It’s amazing what two people in a relationship can accomplish when they communicate open and honestly. My compliments to you and your husband.

    • Thank you. I am glad you and your GF were able to experience that growth too.

    • This is the way !!

    • Thanks! She has been over a few times sense. Need to find time to write more. :-).

    • There was more talk about the massage than the actual threesome! Lol.

    • That is for another story. ;-)

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