Can't stop thinking about doing it

I'm 50 mwm and when i was 27 going through a divorce. A friend and I went out drinking. At the end of the night we were drunk. In the car he kept saying I'll do anything for you. I said i know and i appreciate that. He said anything and put his hand on my cock. I was in shock and then he pulled his out. Then asked to see mine so i pulled it out. Next thing i knew he was blowing me. It had been 7 months since i had any sex so it felt amazing. I drove behind a closed buisness and he finished. He then said now you try it. I hesitated but went down on him. I couldn't believe how much i liked it. I didn't stop until he came 3 times. He moved away a week later. To this day i can't stop thinking about doing it again.

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  • I would love to get freaky with a couple call me two four o two one seven five four seven one

  • My husband admitted to giving his college roomate a bj. I have wanted to see him do it ever since, but he says he would never be with a guy again.

  • My friend is chomping on the bit to have you watch us suck eachother off,, but we’re old ,mid 60’s, does that work for you?

  • Older the better. Baby suck this I'll suck y'all and I want in middle of live fest of lust. Two one seven two zero nine two three four eight

  • We can all suck each other!!

  • Two one seven two zero nine two three four eight. Call if don't answer leave message please mmmm yes

  • Lol watching guys with a penis in their mouth is very sexy to me. I'm definately not into watching other women give blowjobs.

  • Would love to show you

  • Where are you?

  • I’d do it in front of you

  • I’m 64 and will suck your dick anytime you want,,

  • Two one seven two zero nine two three four eight. Call me rt now please

  • And i will suck all your cum .

  • I have a long cock full of Cum

  • Ok call me two one seven two zero nine two three four eight I'm rick

  • Ok cum get this cum. Mm. 55 red head hot n horny always want and Lok for cum eaters mm Quincy illinois

  • Do it again then.

  • Mmm yessss i love gay sex so beautiful grrr anyone horny meth gay sex ? I got a few kids we can enjoy too together

  • I’m 64 and 40 years ago me and my buddy used to hang out, get high, whatever, one night he says I want to suck you off, ok, so he did, after I came I really had no desire to do him but I did. We continued that for several years, thru marriages, kids, whatever. And it got heavy, we’d fuck eachother in the ass, it was so hot. After my stag two weeks before my wedding, he met me at my condo with an eight ball of coke and we fucked and sucked all night, both of us hard as steel,,came a million times,, best sex I ever had

  • Also, it probably started when I was a kid, 13. 14 years old. We would go to my parents friends house once a week to visit, they had a son my age and one afternoon after a day in their pool we went up to his room to change and and as we got naked he asked if he could touch my dick, I said ok, and after a few seconds he had me sit down on the bed while he sucked it and played with himself. I was so hot I wanted to suck him too. He was jerking off and I remember telling him don’t cum yet, don’t cum, but he did. So I just jerked off in front off him. After that the next week we blew eachother other and would rub our cocks together, and kiss, them jerk eachother off,, we eventually started to swallow eachother, this went on for a few years till they moved,, good times and this was like 45 years ago

  • Well, there are plenty of cocks around to suck.

  • Where is yours?

  • Scranton PA

  • I am in Toronto, but l am a cocksucker, myself. I get to suck plenty.

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