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I read somewhere that in the states, if you ask a whore before you actually start doing anything if she's okay with being videotaped that it's basically cop repellent, because there's nothing illegal about getting paid to make an amateur porn movie and an undercover cop isn't allowed to keep up the charade any longer. And most whores won't even charge extra, because then she knows you're not a cop either. Does anybody have any firsthand knowledge of whether or not this works?

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  • You can find good advice online about finding a safe sex worker. Also, research what's legal and what isn't in your state. The urban legends about asking them if they're a cop, calling it making a movie instead of sex, etc., forget it. Vice cops are there to make arrests, not let you go on a technicality. The most likely result of trying that stuff is get arrested AND get laughed at.

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  • It's better to ask if you can pay her to be a model for a photo shoot. The cop will tell you to go away. Prostitute will take the easy money.

  • No that's not how it works. Just saying "I'm going to film a porno" means nothing. Even amateur porn films require a bunch of paperwork for consent and release.

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