My wife Ellen

We had only been married for a short time I had finished my three year commitment to the Navy and Ellen was a sister to my best friend and we met once while he and I served together in Texas and I went to Missouri with him on leave.
We were both shy people but we got along and wrote to each other and married the Day I received my discharge.
I lived in El Dorado Calif. at the time and my uncle told me that El Dorado limestone was hiring so I quickly found a job working underground in a Mine
We could only afford one car and it was a 1962 Chevy OH I am an old man now and this is the first time I ever told anyone about it.
Well we had a place to keep our dirty clothes that we worked in with a shower hooked to the place and lockers for our clean cloths.
Well two guys there had been giving me a hard time and I didn't want to fight with them so I tried to be friends with them and when Ellen picked me up after work one afternoon they saw her and stared bugging me to let them visit once in awhile so it never dawned on me what they were after and when they would show up although they were not picking on me and spent more time talking to Ellen I was pleased because I wanted friends and although they would get foul mouthed in front of her and I could see that
she gave me sidelong glances when they became to friendly she let them do it.
One Saturday evening they showed up after dinner with a case of beer and a bottle of Jim Beam.
I never drank much and neither did Ellen but in fun they had us drink a beer with a chaser of Jim Beam and I was feeling it right away.
But they had poured us a second drink and after that the evening became spotty and I only remember short clips of it I remember hearing Ellen laughing and both of the guys were teasing her and grabbing at her but it was so unreal and then we were at the kitchen table playing cards and I realized that I was mostly undressed and so was Ellen but she was still laughing as the two guys took turns kissing her and grabbing at her breasts then I was outside throwing up and I could hear laughing from inside and I came I and Ellen was bent over the table and Roy was behind her his hands on her hips fucking her and all three of them were laughing but Ellen looked like she didn't really know what was going on then I must have blacked out for awhile because when I came to the house was silent except for the I could hear the head of our bed slapping against the wall and I looked in and Jerry was on top of my wife fucking her and Ellen looked like she had passed out but that didn't stop them
I woke up sometime before dawn on the couch and the whole house was silent and I looked in our bedroom and Ellen was on her back her legs wide apart with a leg over Roy and Jerrys legs with a puddle of dried cum underneath her and they were all sound asleep..
Everyone was hung over but we sat around drinking coffee avoiding talking about what had happened until Jerry picked up the bottle of Jim Beam and said in a hoarse voice hair of the dog and he gulped down a shot then Roy did to and soon they coaxed Ellie into trying it and I poured a shot into my coffee and soon the whole thing was going off again but I watched my drinking and I watched Ellie get fucked for times that day.
Ellie and I talked it over after they left and we even discussed turning them into the police but neither of us wanted to see them go to jail they were just a couple of fun laving guys.
They would show up a couple times a month after that and always just say Hi Larry just came by for some of Ellies cunny and they would take her into the bedroom and fuck and I watched.
I worked there for about a year hen I Took a Job in a saw mill but our life has been shareing her with guys because I found out that I liked to watch and she has a very healthy sex drive so we have been married over 40 years now and I have no Idea of how many men she has been with but we still do it from time to time and Ellie is still a very good looking woman for her age.


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  • Super hot story. Did those two guys fuck with other wives in the neighborhood or at the mine you worked at? Those guys kinda bullied their way into your wife's pussy and ass which is kind of hot in itself. Then they had her regularly over the course of a year? They must have shot cumulatively a quart or two of their semen into her.

    Was your wife constantly on birth control pills with all that cum shot into her? Did you ever have kids? I'm curious what promiscuity was in the 60s and 70s. How common was it with other couples you think?

  • She was on birth control and stayed that way until we decided to start a family.

  • Do any of your kids looks like one of these two fun-loving guys? They definitely loved your wife's bareback cunny and ass! 😍

    Those two guys probably lived a life of pure hedonism and now homeless in a back alley somewhere. If they are, they probably close their eyes at night and dream about the time long ago. When they had both hands gripping your wife's young ass as they empty the entire contents of their balls into her womb or through her back door. Those memories would help keep a guy warm at night even in a cold alleyway. Your wife was definitely an angel to these guys. Bless her heart. We need more ladies like this in the world. 😇

  • I think it's sad that after a stint in the Navy, the best you could do was a job in a mine and then a sawmill. I guess you can't "be all you can be " as a swabbie.

  • So you think she has been a saint ? You should rethink that .

  • I never said she was a saint she is my wife and I am proud of her

  • Married 40 years also. A buddy was over with wife and I. We drank too much and he half kidding asked her for a blow job. They talked gross to each other, she flashed her tits for him when he asks. No big deal, just some naughty fun. He asks again more seroius, it's his birthday. She says 'you're going to nag me till i do it, bring it on.' And she gives him a bj. My big secret, i loved watching. next morning i was like WTF, how did that happen? She like no big deal, wasn't my first mersey bj. 40 years ago. She's been a saint since, but half kids she wants hot young stud on her bucket list. I tell her go find one, you get a hall pass. I think watching her bj has me immune to positiveness.

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